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Alchemist Gift Book and Alchemy 01-06-13

Alchemist Gift

Change in Excerpt 1 due to a recommendation of a reader

I have decided to make a change based on a suggestion of a reader. Here is the change: The men and boys wore caps or slouch hats. They were tanned and most had long, dark, oily hair. Take a look at the passage in the first blog and see if you like the change.

Chapter 1

Excerpt 2

Alchemist Gift – “Roland! Hey sleepy head, come on, it’s past eight thirty.”  Liz stood at the foot of the bed and made little crab pinches at Roland’s foot that stuck out from under the covers.

Roland looked up and pulled his foot in. “Oh, it’s you.” He laid his head back down on the pillow and closed his eyes. Read more

“Alchemist Gift” Book – The Beginning 01-05-13

Alchemist Gift and Alchemy – 01-05-13

Chapter 1 – Alchemist Gift


Roland Hughes wandered out of a murky fog, through a narrow alley and into the piazza of a walled, medieval city and into the midst of an excited crowd.   He looked down and saw he had on the dark gray sweat suit that he wore to bed. The people were oblivious to his presence and there seemed to be no cohesion between time and motion, just flickering images as the people around him moved freeze frame by freeze frame. There was noise and jostling and from his studies Roland was sure the people were speaking some Italian dialect. Read more

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