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Alchemist Gift and Alchemy 02-27-13 Liz and Roland Dynamic

Alchemist Gift

outdoor_cafe alchemist giftAlchemist Gift continued: Liz sat at the outside table and sipped her coffee while she waited for Roland. It was a little past ten. Except for a few billowing clouds the sky was clear and the air was crisp. She was glad she wore a sweater.

Brian made his rounds with the coffee pot. He got to Liz and topped off her cup. He looked down at the empty chair. “So, where’s Romeo this morning?”

“Romeo?” Liz gave a quizzical smiled. “Oh, he’ll be along. You know he’s a little pokey on Sunday. Maybe I can hurry him up. I’m hungry.” Liz reached in her purse and took out her cell phone. She pressed the familiar numbers. The phone connected and called. After two rings the timer started counting the seconds. Liz heard muffled music and then the call ended. She tried again and this time the call went to his voicemail. “Hey, where are you?” She put the phone on the table and looked up at Brian. “First music and then voicemail.” Read more

Alchemist Gift and Alchemy 02-25-13 New Insight into Roland

Alchemist Gift

Some New Insight into Roland’s Character
Black Lexus Alchemist Gift

Black Lexus Alchemist Gift

Alchemist Gift continued: Mark decided that we need to see a little more about Roland to understand him a better and added a segment to reveal his character. This segment is in the story where Roland is sitting at the cafe because he didn’t want to be at home alone. Liz was busy that night. Here’s the new passage:

Roland opened one of the reference books and started to read about alchemy. His need for people usurped his ability to concentrate as a steady stream of diners passed him on their way to eat and drink. He would read a passage or two and find himself looking up from the text when he heard a bit of conversation or the sound of a girl’s voice. He was there long enough to recognize the people who entered eventually leave.

A black Lexus pulled up in front of the restaurant. Roland gave a quick glance and looked down at his book. Read more

Alchemist Gift and Alchemy 02-21-13 Sex scene with Lila and Roland

Alchemist Gift

roland's car Alchemist Gift

Roland’s car Alchemist Gift

Alchemist Gift continued: “Holy crap, sorry about that!” A surge of adrenaline caused him to flush and his heart pounded. He looked down at Lila’s legs again and then away. ”Whew.”

“Don’t be sorry, you can look all you like.” Lila smiled and opened the window and gave a throaty chuckle. She had her panties on her finger tips and tossed them out the window. “And just like that, woo-woo.” The breeze came through the window and billowed under her dress. “That cold air feels so yummy down there and on my legs too. I’ve got goose bumps, feel.”  She took Roland’s hand and slowly guided it up and down her thigh.

Roland swallowed hard. “Lila, you know, I’ve got a girlfriend.” Roland allowed Lila to continue to guide his hand. She brought it closer and closer to her crotch and then suddenly tossed his hand into his lap. Read more

Alchemist Gift and Alchemy 02-21-13 Lila Trouble in San Diego

Alchemist Gift

Coronado Bridge Alchemist Gift

Coronado Bridge Alchemist Gift

Alchemist Gift continued:
Brian turned the corner from the kitchen with a bottle of wine in his hand. “Coming in out of the cold?” he smiled at Lila and Roland.

“Restroom?” asked Lila.

Brian pointed towards the back of the room. “Ladies on the left.”

When Lila was out of earshot Brian continued. “Wow, she’s a classy one. Is she one of Liz’s friends?”

“I rather doubt it. I just met her right now.” Roland was wide eyed and he spoke quickly. “These guys in a big Mercedes were after her. We hid her car in the alley behind the sandwich sign. She drives a Ferrari.”

“Wow, so what’s her deal? Tell me, tell me.” Brian teased. Read more

Alchemist Gold and Alchemy 02-19-13, Roland in San Diego CA

Alchemist Gift

Thanks to our readers for catching misspellings

Alchemist thanks to reader Virgil for catching the misspelling of bass in the last blog. It was written as base, but since it is the bass in music, the spelling is bass. A good pair of eyes is still better than spell check.

outdoor_cafe alchemist giftAlchemist Gift continues in San Diego

Alchemist Gift: He knew she wasn’t ignoring him, it wouldn’t be like her.   Liz was in the habit of shutting her phone off when she did her volunteer work. He checked his impatience. She finally sent a text around six that evening.  She might be able to meet him at The Edelweiss around eight that evening; that is if she wasn’t needed. But even that was a big maybe.

Roland drove back to the granny flat and parked the car under the cramped carport off the alley. It was a little after six. As he sat in the car he looked in his wallet. He had a twenty, three fives and seven one dollar bills. He didn’t really want to be stuck in his hovel and eat a bowl of noodles alone.

“Screw it.” He grabbed his back pack that held a few reference books and his laptop and headed back to The Edelweiss. Read more

Alchemist Gift and Alchemy 02-17-13

Alchemist Gift


outdoor_cafe alchemist giftAlchemist Gift continued: Roland and Liz sat outside at one of the tables that were protected by a large yellow umbrella. The restaurant had a spacious setback from the sidewalk. Brian, the owner and self-appointed uncle to both Roland and Liz, thought it would be a good idea to offer the al fresco experience at The Edelweiss. He put half a dozen tables out and installed a wrought iron railing to give the place a continental touch. They ate their breakfast in relative silence. Roland was brooding and Liz was second guessing her no sex policy. They sipped their coffee and whenever they made eye contact they exchanged fleeting little smiles.

Read more

Alchemist and Alchemy 02-16-13

Alchemist Gift

A special note to our readers of Alchemist Gift

The writer of Alchemist Gift, Mark Giglio, would like to invite you the reader to participate in the writing of his novel. As you know the novel you are reading is a first draft and will not be exactly like the printed novel. He thought it would be great fun to have the readers check the novel. Let him know if you find misspelled words, grammatical errors, or some incorrect history. He researches every aspect of the culture of the Renaissance he is revealing in the story, but ….you never know what a reader may be able to contribute. You can say how much you like some parts of the book as well.

Please put your discoveries or corroborations into the comments and let’s all have fun in the writing of Alchemist Gift.


The next excerpt of Alchemist Gift

plague doctor alchemist gift

plague doctor alchemist gift

Here is a contract with a doctor from 1479 with the city of Pavia, Italy.

Alchemist Gift: He opened the short, dark wooden door and entered. The cold wind that raced in behind him was met by the swirling heat of two large bronze braziers on low tripods that were aglow with orange coals.  The room’s low ceiling and its hand hewn, heavy beams were blackened by years of candle and fire smoke. The plastered walls were a dingy white and quite plain.  Except for a few small windows high on the wall, candles gave off the only light.   There were four rows of low cots with six cots each. The bishop was surprised when he saw townsfolk clustered around some of the cots. On each cot lay a victim of the storm.

Lorenzo Patriarca, a tall, brusque man of later middle age was one of the most influential men in the republic. He stood with his distraught wife Penelope and two very concerned and tearful servants, all looking down at his fifteen year old daughter Gina, who was unconscious. When he heard the door open and felt the cold breeze on the back of his neck he turned hoping to see his personal doctor, Jacopo Gallo.  When he recognized the bishop he greeted him with a hateful glare. Read more

Alchemist Gift and Alchemy 02-14-13

Alchemist Gift


wwitch burning Alchemist Gift

witch burning Alchemist Gift

Alchemist Gift
:The bishop, Mayor Renaldi, Monsignor Petri and Father Silva dashed down the few steps of the dais and found shelter under the floorboards. The hail kept falling and began to pile up.  Out of breath and quite uncomfortable the bishop rested his back against one of the upright supports and surveyed his parishioners in their panic. Some, who had a grasp of the situation disappeared from the square and beat it back to the church and found refuge.

“I told you that today would not be very good for this thing.” Renaldi whined. “You can never trust these late fall showers.  Everyone will surely remember this day.” His voice overflowed with irony. The touchstone for his re-election was now a millstone. Read more

Alchemist Gift and Alchemy 02-12-13

Alchemist Gift

wwitch burning Alchemist Gift

witch burning Alchemist Gift

Alchemist Gift – The bishop and mayor sat. Mayor Renaldi gave the bishop a smug smile then rubbed his palms together. DiMars made a hand gesture to the guard standing next to a wrought iron brazier. The guard reached into a small barrel and pulled out an unlit torch. He passed the resin soaked rag that was wrapped around the end of the wooden handle, over the flame in the brazier; the rag caught immediately and sent a sooty black stream into the air. The bishop nodded again and the guard went to his assigned spot. In a dark epiphany the guard  realize,  as he held the flame to the wood and looked into the teary eyes of the woman tied to the stake before him, what he was about to do. He looked away from those eyes and felt a jolt of revulsion pass through his body, but held his continence fast. Being an obedient young man he carried out the order also knowing he would remember this day for the rest of his life. Read more

Alchemist Gift and Alchemy 02-10-13

Alchemist Gift


wwitch burning Alchemist Gift

witch burning Alchemist Gift

Alchemist Gift –
The bishop, mayor, monsignor and Father Eduardo watched the coach pass through the town’s gates and out of sight.

Mayor Renaldi spoke in a low tone to the men. “It’s not good that the contessa left, she should have stayed. The people haven’t seen her for a long time.”

“She made her appearance. Who could blame such a beautiful woman wanting to leave after being spit on by a condemned hag?”

“You make a good point monsignor.” agreed the bishop.

“It is all so sordid.” added the priest. His comment was benign enough to be interpreted by the others to suit their needs. Father Eduardo actually referred to the selfish and cruel and duopolistic acts that were given a veil of righteousness and legality by his superiors. All those accusations and lies that gave birth to this inhuman spectacle sickened him. Read more

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