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Some of our supporters have said they had trouble figuring out how to choose a perk on the Alchemist Gift Indiegogo page. Crowd funding is fairly new and not all sites area exactly the same. We thought the best way to describe picking a perk for Alchemist Gift was to make a video.

You can also find the video at How to pick a perk on indiegogo

Over the millenia the wisest of the wise, be they philosophers, priests, astrologers, astronomers, doctors of medicine, self-proclaimed seers or alchemist have tried to answer the unanswerable.
The Renaissance was one of the most exciting and hopeful eras for art, architecture, discovery, enlightenment, experimentation and exploration, literature, and personal wealth. It was also an era of superstition, abject poverty, unthinkable cruelty, the Black  Plague, constant political bickering and bloody battle between city states, duchies, and republics along with the emerging threat from the near east. It was also an era when the power of the Vatican was being challenged and lost in northern Europe.

This is where and when most of our story takes place. Iffy hero-to-be, self-centered grad student Roland Hughes is naive about his scholarly discipline, Renaissance Studies. He’s tired of being broke and irritated with his girlfriend Liz’s no commitment no sex ultimatum. He’s in denial concerning his overly long student career and stressed out by his thesis.
Lately Roland is also experiencing outrageously real dreams and bouts with hallucinations that challenge his grip on reality.  If there isn’t enough on his plate, Roland loses long time love, Liz, over his self perceived heroics that lead to a one night stand with the Ferrari driving, rich and bitchy bad-girl Lila. Remorseful, he wishes for a second chance.
Roland acquires the mysterious Alchemist Cabinet, finds a book of spells within and unknowingly performs a ritual written down centuries before by alchemist, Rene Hermes. The Alchemist Cabinet transports him back to the beauty and raw reality of 1520s Bavaria where he meets Sofia. He gets his second chance but also a tantalizing opportunity to blow it.

The Renaissance is especially interesting because the philosophers and theorist finally had basic technology to empirically test and prove or disprove what they professed. Theories abounded concerning time, magnetism (hypnosis), necromancy, alchemy, and the existence of metaphysical planes where our thoughts and dreams take on their own reality.

We all share this planet are dependent on each other.  Our mere existence is truly a miracle. We are the living, breathing results of individual choices made in the distant past by our long forgotten ancestors. Part of the Buddhist philosophy suggests that we are all one, all part of the whole. I believe it is true, not just for today and tomorrow but since the beginning of humankind. All of our lives are connected. It’s about those lives I write.



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Alchemist Gift Patron Page

Alchemist Gift Patron Page


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By the way Mark makes cabinets and built-ins as well: A real Renaissance man. I’ve read the book and it is fantastic. We even have a team to offer it to producers in Hollywood. There’s lots of info about the book at Read more

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