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Alchemist Gift Patron Page

Alchemist Gift Patron Page


Click on this link: and choose the $50 perk or higher. You, your company name and link to your website will be added to the Patron’s page  of website.  We blog from this site every day. It has the best SEO programming for exposure to search engines. Your business name and type will be included in the search terms. This blog goes out to over 50 social networks. To date we have 43,831 views on With over 43000 views it’s a winner.

Once you are on the patron page of Alchemist Gift your company name, your name, and your business type will be in the search words for every blog done at Alchemist Gift. You will be notified of every blog by email. You can enhance your exposure by clicking on the blog link and sharing the page with your social network. As each business shares with their social network your exposure increases.

By the way Mark makes cabinets and built-ins as well: A real Renaissance man. I’ve read the book and it is fantastic. We even have a team to offer it to producers in Hollywood. There’s lots of info about the book at

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