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Michael Crichton Timeline Contest Clue

Michael Crichton Timeline Contest Clue

Alchemist Gift Book Cover

Alchemist Gift Book Cover

A Winner Every 100 Entries

Michael Crichton Timeline Contest will have many winners. Alchemist Gift is giving away FREE copies of Alchemist Gift Time Travel to the Age of Alchemy signed by the author Mark Giglio. Alchemist Gift is releasing May 2014. Preorders will be ready on in about three weeks. The book has been sent for preparation for release on Smashwords who distribute ebooks to about 50% of the world’s booksellers. Createspace will soon prepare Alchemist Gift for paperback and kindle.

Sue, one of our Beta readers said:

I like what I have read so far…it did pull me in at the start and kept my interest


The story takes place in Medieval France. You guess the date.

Watch Michael Crichton Timeline the Movie on Netflix Streaming

or find the answer on the internet then click here, fill out the form and enter

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Alchemist Gift Website has a New Look

Alchemist Gift has Revamped Its Website Banner

Alchemist Gift Book Cover

Alchemist Gift Book Cover


Using the cover art for “Alchemist Gift” designed by Ellen Siders (See our blog on Ellen from 03/11/14. You can also find a link to her website for more examples of her work in the blog.). Our webmasters have created a new header and changed the color scheme. Take a look and let us know how you like it. Please put your comments into the home page comment section and share with your friends on your facebook, twitter, google+, pinterest, and linked in accounts. You will see buttons at the bottom of the page. On the right there are buttons for additional favorite social networks. Share wherever you like.

Let us know what you think about the change to the Alchemist Gift website on our facebook page at

Make a comment on Twitter for @alchemistgift. You can also use the hashtags #AlchemistGift #MarkGiglio #SanDiego #fantasy #timetravel #HistoricalFiction. Read more

Meet Mark Giglio Author of Alchemist Gift

Alchemist Gift Author, Mark Giglio

Mark Giglio, author of Alchemist Gift

Mark Giglio, author of Alchemist Gift

I started my adult life with an honorable discharge from the Air Force followed by a degree in English. Along came a wife and a baby boy. Circumstances lead me to follow my own bent and not the one I studied.  I feel I have tasted enough of the bitter and sweet of life to share my notion of the life’s essence in my writing. I’ve always been interested in the connections people have with each other and the world around them. History, humanities, art, philosophy, anthropology, world religions and the natural world have been a fascination for me and a fountain head for inspirationh of a furniture and cabinet-maker. I still pursued my academic interest and wrote a poem here and a short story there for my own amusement, to keep my hand in, so to speak.  For many years the real outlet for my creativity is my ability to create beautiful and unique furniture that is inspired by Alchemy and the European Renaissance.

Get your piece of history being made at Indiegogo with a perk while the opportunity lasts.

I come from a background of craftsmen and artists.

I had to set my degree aside and I took the path of a furniture and cabinet-maker. I still pursued my academic interest and wrote a poem here and a short story there for my own amusement, to keep my hand in, so to speak.  For many years the real outlet for my creativity is my ability to create beautiful and unique furniture that is inspired by Alchemy and the European Renaissance Read more

Meet Alchemist Gift Book Cover Artist – Ellen Siders

Ellen Siders, Alchemist Book Cover
Illustrator and Designer

Ellen Siders Alchemist Gift Book Cover Designer

Ellen Siders Alchemist Gift Book Cover Designer



Unlike some other designers I have spent my entire working career in the printing industry, mainly in Prepress services. Recently I have expanded my skills to include computer graphics, primarily using Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator with some GroBoto 3D and Bryce Items. Ellen’s portfolio includes graphic illustration and commercial work. See the Alchemist Book Cover in the Indiegogo video and become an Artist Supporting Artists at



Ellen Siders’ commercial work you will see on her website shows her many talents in using various design programs such as photoshop, in design, and illustrator. There are book covers, centerfolds, greeting cards, photo retouching, and custom type,

Ellen Siders' PHoto Manipulation

Ellen Siders’ PHoto Manipulation



Be sure to check out the spec samples page on Ellen Siders website. You will see business cards, logos, ads, and photo manipulation. This piece of art you see here was composed in Adobe Photoshop from over a dozen photos of objects. The bell jar and goggles were drawn from scratch and the brass orrery was a black and white Victorian woodcut that I scanned. The books were photos of covers that I transformed to simulate 3D. The most difficult object here was the glass spiral thermometer. Also take a look at the character design, some are humorous, delectable and often quite intricate.

Below is some of Ellen Siders’ Illustration. You have to see this to believe it.

Ellen Siders' Steam Punk

Ellen Siders’ Steam Punk


Walkies was created along with a series of others as desktop wallpaper to sell at a science fiction convention. The fire extinguisher, phone receiver, leash and the copper spring for the robot’s neck were taken from scanned photos, the equipment on the bench started as black and white Victorian woodcut prints, everything else was created in Photoshop. The robot, dog and airship were each drawn with pen and marquis tools. The robot uses a scan of an actual piece of metal that has been warped into a cylindrical shape and then shaded with gradients. The dog was constructed using various filters and layer effects that were shaded with gradients. The airship was made with pattern overlays and textures and was shaded using layer masks and brushes. The background was a flat piece of riveted metal that has been warped and transformed to emulate perspective and curvature.

What you see here is only a smattering of her work. To get a real taste go to her website at You will find it time well spent.

To have Ellen Siders design your next project

contact her at






Alchemist Gift Thanks Indiegogo Contributors

Alchemist Gift Indiegogo Reaches $615

Alchemist Gift Book Cover

Alchemist Gift Book Cover

Thank you to all the supporters of Alchemist Gift and writer Mark Giglio

Virgil and Marla Giglio – $100
Regina Brunton – undisclosed amount
Anonymous – $100
Terry Radis – $50
Marlene Sudomir – $25

Goal for next week is to reach $1215

All who have not jumped onboard take advantage next week on Alchemist Gift’s Indiegogo page. All who donate from March 10-17 no matter what the amount will receive a personal thank you note from Mark.

All Artists and Writers Who Donate $25  will receive the $50 perk PLUS

Their name, link to their website and book name or art piece name and link to the website to purchase their art along with a one line description on the Alchemist Gift Patrons Page.

Tell your Artist and Writer Friends Read more

Alchemist Gift Supports Writers & Artists

Alchemist Gift Introduces Our Newest Writer Patron

Tomas Gayton long journey home Patron on Alchemist Gift

Tomas Gayton long journey home Patron on Alchemist Gift


Tomas Gayton, author. LONG JOURNEY HOME is my story of growing up a colored kid in the white world of Seattle in the Fifties and becoming a Black man in the Sixties who shares his Long Journey Home to Mama Africa in the Seventies.

Alchemist Gift Launches


Writers Special – Choose the $25 Perk on Indiegogo for the Alchemist Gift Campaign and get all the perks from the $50 Perk PLUS your name, book, and one line description with links to your bio website and page that sells your book on the Patrons page of Alchemist Gift. Your name and Book Title will be added to the tags for every blog posted. Alchemist Gift is syndicated to over 40 social networks with every blog. Read more

Alchemist Gift Now on Good Reads

Alchemist Gift Needs Beta Readers on Good Reads

Below you will see a review from one of the beta readers for Alchemist Gift. If you would like to be a beta reader at Good Reads and leave a review for Mark please contact Mark or Mary Ellen for a copy of the book. Your opinion counts. Also as supporters please choose your perk at Indiegogo as soon as possible.

Big thanks to Mary Gray Perez for her generosity. We are now at $330 with most of our close family and friends still to weigh in. We went to a training last night on promoting the book and realize we also need to do a book trailer which is like a movie trailer. Weigh in now so we can reach the first goal of $600 this week by Friday. There are still many more goals to reach. Read more

Alchemist Gift Added Book Excerpts

Alchemist Gift – Indiegogo Campaign Needs Your Support Now

Alchemist Gift Book Cover

Alchemist Gift Book Cover

We are counting on our core family and friends supporters to give us the first milestone of $600. Once that level is reached we can order the layout of the book with Create Space who will set it up for Amazon as a printed paperback and E-Book with their Kindle reader. You can download the Kindle reader for free on your computer. There is no need to buy a device.

That is why it is so important that core supporters pick a perk now! There are still many things to be done like getting the book reviews and contacting producers but we need to show that we have some support to take that step.

Please pick your perk today. Go to and search for Alchemist Gift. We greatly appreciate it.

Here’s your snipit below. You can also find all three by clicking on the link: Excerpts from Alchemist Gift

Rene and Bella love at first sight

Alchemist Gift - Rene Hermes young

Alchemist Gift – Rene Hermes young

When the girls completed the first circle and the first course of ribbons were woven into a delicate sheath at the head of the erect pole, Bella passed by Rene who stationed himself so she could not miss him. She could not help look into his eyes. In that timeless instant she too became transfixed by the handsome young man who looked at her with such a sincere and inviting smile. She involuntarily followed Rene with her gaze, turning her head away from the dance as she passed and almost lost the rhythm of her steps as she barely avoided running into the next girl she was to circle.

Each waited with impatience for the other to be within sight. Bella’s heart raced.  She was swept up in a transcendental moment as she joined with the blue sky, the white clouds, the shimmering sun and the gentle breeze that rippled the grass. For a few expanding seconds she lost herself in the vastness of eternity, found herself again and understood her place in that vastness as she returned to the here and now and sensed her future could not be lived without the young man who somehow filled her soul and she opened her heart to this magic possibility. Read more

Alchemist Gift Author Mark Giglio’s Birthday is Today

Wish Mark, Alchemist Gift Author, a Happy Birthday

Alchemist Gift author Mark Giglio

Alchemist Gift author Mark Giglio


Alchemist Gift does have some funny segments. That’s why Mark looks so happy. And our friends have stepped up to the plate to get the indigogo campaign off to a good start.

Melissa Batten, the first to support – $10
Mary Ellen Wilson – $50
Sue Klinker – $25
Cheryl and Dave Plotus – $25
Tomas Gayton – $25
Marlene Sudomir – $25
Anonymous – $25
Terri Francois – $20
Mark Gaggia – $25


We now need about $200 more to get the book layed out by Create Space. Soon after we will be able to send out the E-books. Read more

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