Alchemist Gift Author Mark Giglio’s Birthday is Today

Wish Mark, Alchemist Gift Author, a Happy Birthday

Alchemist Gift author Mark Giglio

Alchemist Gift author Mark Giglio


Alchemist Gift does have some funny segments. That’s why Mark looks so happy. And our friends have stepped up to the plate to get the indigogo campaign off to a good start.

Melissa Batten, the first to support – $10
Mary Ellen Wilson – $50
Sue Klinker – $25
Cheryl and Dave Plotus – $25
Tomas Gayton – $25
Marlene Sudomir – $25
Anonymous – $25
Terri Francois – $20
Mark Gaggia – $25


We now need about $200 more to get the book layed out by Create Space. Soon after we will be able to send out the E-books.

Next we need the money for the reviews that are needed, book purchases, mailing, and t shirts. So please pass Alchemist Gift n  to your friends on facebook and other social networks. There are links at the bottom of this blog and on the right. So Spread the Word.

About those funny passages. Here is one about  Dr Gallo

Dr. Gallo’s Description from Alchemist Gift

Doctor Gallo flung the door open and entered with his boy and the Patriarca’s servant who was sent to fetch him. Gallo barely looked at Lorenzo and Penelope. He did acknowledge them with a slight nod. With one sweeping motion the doctor undid his rain speckled cape and let it drop to the floor. His boy, Marco, picked up the cape, dusted it off and draped it over a nearby table. The doctor was of short stature and to appear taller he stood up very straight and held out his chest.  He combed his thinning auburn hair over in an attempt to cover his baldness. His hair had a natural wave that made it lie in a severe peek down the center of his head, giving the appearance of a cockscomb. Gallo’s face was pale and narrow. His brow was permanently furrowed; his eyes small and dark with a slight bulge; his nose large, sharp and beak-like; and his thin lips were framed in a well waxed goatee.

Lorenzo Patriarca approached and was about to say something but Gallo held up his hand, shook his index finger and cocked his head a little to the side. He abruptly turned on his heel and looked down at the injured girl.

The boy handed the doctor his bag. The doctor opened it and took out a copper hearing horn and placed the bell at different spots on Gina’s chest. He listened with a very concerned expression. He handed the hearing horn back to Marco.  He took the girl’s wrist and felt her pulse, all the while nodding as if in thoughtful agreement with himself. The doctor gently put the girl’s hand back down at her side. Gallo wiggled his index finger at the boy. Marco came forth again with the doctor’s bag and opened it.  The doctor reached in and took out a small brown bottle of smelling salts. He uncorked the bottle and with his boy supporting Gina’s lolling head, held the bottle under her nose. She did not flinch. Her eyes rolled back showing only the whites. The boy placed her head back onto the pillow and stepped away. The doctor crossed his arms over his chest and silently looked at Gina. Gallo took the girls hands in his. They were icy cold. He slipped off her shoes and felt her feet. Her feet were as cold as her hands.

The doctor squinted, pursed his lips, and pinched at his chin with his thumb and index finger as he searched his mind. The Patriarcas looked hopefully as Gallo reached an epiphany that opened his eyes wide and arched his eye brows. The parents leaned in closer and waited for the doctor to say something; but their hopes were dashed as Gallo dismissed his notion with a quick shake of his head, a wave of his hand and a guttural grunt that could not be mistaken for anything other than ‘no.’

“Doctor Gallo, tell us,” Lorenzo asked impatiently.

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