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Alchemist Gift Book Cover

Alchemist Gift Book Cover

We are counting on our core family and friends supporters to give us the first milestone of $600. Once that level is reached we can order the layout of the book with Create Space who will set it up for Amazon as a printed paperback and E-Book with their Kindle reader. You can download the Kindle reader for free on your computer. There is no need to buy a device.

That is why it is so important that core supporters pick a perk now! There are still many things to be done like getting the book reviews and contacting producers but we need to show that we have some support to take that step.

Please pick your perk today. Go to and search for Alchemist Gift. We greatly appreciate it.

Here’s your snipit below. You can also find all three by clicking on the link: Excerpts from Alchemist Gift

Rene and Bella love at first sight

Alchemist Gift - Rene Hermes young

Alchemist Gift – Rene Hermes young

When the girls completed the first circle and the first course of ribbons were woven into a delicate sheath at the head of the erect pole, Bella passed by Rene who stationed himself so she could not miss him. She could not help look into his eyes. In that timeless instant she too became transfixed by the handsome young man who looked at her with such a sincere and inviting smile. She involuntarily followed Rene with her gaze, turning her head away from the dance as she passed and almost lost the rhythm of her steps as she barely avoided running into the next girl she was to circle.

Each waited with impatience for the other to be within sight. Bella’s heart raced.  She was swept up in a transcendental moment as she joined with the blue sky, the white clouds, the shimmering sun and the gentle breeze that rippled the grass. For a few expanding seconds she lost herself in the vastness of eternity, found herself again and understood her place in that vastness as she returned to the here and now and sensed her future could not be lived without the young man who somehow filled her soul and she opened her heart to this magic possibility.

Rene followed Bella’s every graceful movement as she disappeared and reappeared, hid away and then released into his sight as she passed around the other girls. And even though he knew she would come into view he still was anxious to see her again. The dance became an agony for both of them as the ribbons slowly wrapped tighter against the surface of the shaft. Each time she passed both could feel their auras join and be pulled apart until finally the pole was snugly encased in the ribbons’ silky membrane.

When the dance ended Bella left her dance mates as if walking out of a cloud and went straight to Rene who was already headed toward her. With each step they took, the world around them faded into a mist of indefinable shapes and watery colors. The sky, the clouds and the breeze, the people all disappeared. Neither could see beyond the other. Theirs was a world of he being the sun and she being the moon, the alpha and the omega. Without a word they embraced and their fates were sealed forever.

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