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Alchemist Gift Indiegogo Reaches $615

Alchemist Gift Book Cover

Alchemist Gift Book Cover

Thank you to all the supporters of Alchemist Gift and writer Mark Giglio

Virgil and Marla Giglio – $100
Regina Brunton – undisclosed amount
Anonymous – $100
Terry Radis – $50
Marlene Sudomir – $25

Goal for next week is to reach $1215

All who have not jumped onboard take advantage next week on Alchemist Gift’s Indiegogo page. All who donate from March 10-17 no matter what the amount will receive a personal thank you note from Mark.

All Artists and Writers Who Donate $25  will receive the $50 perk PLUS

Their name, link to their website and book name or art piece name and link to the website to purchase their art along with a one line description on the Alchemist Gift Patrons Page.

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Third Excerpt on the Excerpts from Alchemist Gift Page

Alchemist Gift Marcella

Alchemist Gift Marcella

Marcella Kills Antonio Gardetto

Marcella knelt down on the soft, warm earth and pulled out small weeds neatening up the row of late vegetables. She did not hear the horse until it and the rider turned the corner and spied her at her work. She looked up too late to hide. Marcella remained motionless hoping the rider did not see her.

“You!  Stand and be seen.” It was Antonio Gardetto, Bishop DiMars’ witch finder.

Marcella stood and faced the man. “May I help you sir?” She put her hand up on her brow as if to shield the sun from her eyes and cast her gaze to the ground.

“Who are you?” Gardetto dismounted and walked to Marcella.

“I might ask you the same sir.” Marcella stood straight but shook inside.

Antonio Gardetto held the bronze badge up and let it drop back onto his chest. “I am an agent for the bishop. What is your business here?”

“I am visiting my brother, Cesare Lippo.”

Gardetto looked at Marcella more closely. Every time he moved his head to get a better look, Marcella would move her head in the opposite direction to hide her face. “I know you, you’re not Lippo’s sister. You’re that Adano woman. You’re that witch who killed her mother. That’s who you are.” He chuckled out loud, “my lucky day.”

Gardetto reached out for Marcella’s arm. She pulled it away and took a step back. “You can’t get away from me,” he said smugly.

Marcella looked all around her and quickly plucked the wooden stake that of late was a support for the scarecrow. She held it up like a sword.

Gardetto could not believe his eyes. He shook his head in disbelief and laughed out loud.

“Stay back,” Marcella warned.

“Or what? You will hit me with a stick?” He rubbed his hands together in anticipation of the unbalanced fight. He advanced again and this time Marcella swung the wooden rod at his face. Gardetto put his hand up and swatted the stake away.

Sofia began to cry. Gardetto momentarily lost his focus looking about for the baby. Marcella took the advantage and swung the stake again as hard as she could. She caught him off guard and heard a pop. She broke his nose.

Gardetto grabbed his nose which was now bleeding. “Curse you bitch!  I’ll kill both of you.” He pulled out his dagger and lunged at her. Blinded by his temper and still holding his broken nose, Gardetto’s attack was feeble and off balance. He fell to his left knee and before he could get up, Marcella hit him again, this time across the back of his head.  He dropped his dagger and grabbed his head. Gardetto lay directly in front of her, face down at Marcella’s feet. She immediately knelt down with her knees on his shoulders and squatted on his head.  All during the attack Sofia was bawling to the top of her lungs.

Gardetto lifted his head up and turned it to the side. All he saw was a little bit of sunlight sneaking under the hem of Marcella’s skirt. He had to spit dirt out of his mouth before he could speak. “I’ll kill both of you,” is all he could muster as he tried to push himself up.

Marcella saw the dagger, picked it up and stabbed Gardetto in the back. The blade only went in an inch or so.  He screamed. She lifted the dagger up and stabbed him again only much harder. Using both hands and with all of her strength and weight she pushed the dagger through the muscle; she felt the blade scrap between his ribs and reach its mark. She could feel the handle of the dagger pulse in her hand with each beat of Gardetto’s punctured heart until it finally stopped.

Marcella stood up and backed away. She lowered her shoulder, swung Sofia around in front of her and took her out of the carrier.

“Dear God, forgive me.” She looked at the dead man at her feet. “What have I done?” Marcella burst into tears and held Sofia tight against her breast. She turned away, ran back to the cottage and bolted the door.


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