Michael Crichton Timeline Contest Clue

Michael Crichton Timeline Contest Clue

Alchemist Gift Book Cover

Alchemist Gift Book Cover

A Winner Every 100 Entries

Michael Crichton Timeline Contest will have many winners. Alchemist Gift is giving away FREE copies of Alchemist Gift Time Travel to the Age of Alchemy signed by the author Mark Giglio. Alchemist Gift is releasing May 2014. Preorders will be ready on Smashwords.com in about three weeks. The book has been sent for preparation for release on Smashwords who distribute ebooks to about 50% of the world’s booksellers. Createspace will soon prepare¬†Alchemist Gift for paperback and kindle.

Sue, one of our Beta readers said:

I like what I have read so far…it did pull me in at the start and kept my interest


The story takes place in Medieval France. You guess the date.

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