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Alchemist Gift Reviews Are Great

Alchemist Gift So Much is Happening

Red City Review

Red City Review

Red City Review Compares Mark Giglio’s Writing to
Gabriel Garcia Marquez

They said “a style reminiscent of Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s magical realism” and after the editing they are giving Alchemist Gift 5 (five) Stars.


The Editor Amanda Craven said “WOW!” 5 Stars

I must say, Wow!

This story creates characters that you really grow to love and respect. It honestly feels as though you are in the worlds with them. You have managed to capture time in a way that most could not and the ride is a once in a lifetime experience. If there is one thing I must say, it is that this story is not for the amateur reader. …Those true readers, the truly dedicated, will fall head over heels in awe with your journey.

Thanks to All Who Picked Perks and Got Alchemist Gift Started

Thanks most recently to Victor M. and Lillian Pineiros for their generous contribution.

You can still get the packages on the Alchemist Gift Website through Paypal.

If you don’t have your collectibles yet, go get them now. There are some pretty impressive items and they are numbered so you can show that you were an early supporter of Alchemist Gift and Mark Giglio.

Alchemist Gift Book Cover

Alchemist Gift Book Cover

New Pages on the Alchemist Gift Website

There is a new Audio Page Where you can hear Mark talk about Alchemist Gift

The New Collectibles Page where you can choose an Alchemist Gift Package if you missed the Indiegogo tour.

The new Writer’s and Artists Package that includes colledtibles and membership into our Internet Training with webinars on promoting yourself, emails with advice for increasing your visibililty, and websites to reach more readers. All for only $25 for the year.

You can like Alchemist Gift on facebook in 2 places. Alchemist Gift and the new Alchemist Gift Fan Club. Soon you will be able to sign up for the Alchemist Gift Fan Club website where you will find perks only for Fans like recipes anc costumes for your own Renaissance Breakout Party, bios of the characters, pictures and videos not on the regular Alchemist Gift website, guides to the symbols and names in the book. Did you know that Liz means “God Has Sworn” and she is named for Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton who was a mother and an educator, and devoted her life to children. When you read Alchemist Gift and get to know Liz you will say, “That sounds just like LIz”.

We are on many other websties for writers and have another blog at Blogspot.

Keep up the support. We love you all.

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