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Borderless Butterflies – Mariposas sin fronteras


Francisco X. Alarcón’s new book of poetry rings with all the voices of the land and her people – voices which echo out across borders and between worlds.


Letters to Congress

For every donation received from now until the end of the campaign, Poetic Matrix Press will send a postcard/letter to a US lawmaker on behalf of the donor, expressing support for refugee children and a demand for their humane treatment and acceptance.

We believe poets are not only artists, but important voices in the debates and politics of the world. BORDERLESS BUTTERFLIES / MARIPOSAS SIN FRONTERAS is a beautiful work of art, but the poet and the press also have a commitment to building a more humane world.

Now is a chance to let us amplify your voice. Donations which include an address will have a postcard sent to the representative from that district. Those without addresses will be sent to the President and Congressional leadership. Additional donations will be sent to senators of border states and then beyond. If we build enough momentum, we may also telephone the representatives on your behalf. Stay involved!

Please, donate now, and support a wonderful book of poetry, while we will help spread our joint message of acceptance, humanity, and a world without borders.

SAGUAROSen Mesa, Arizona
los saguaros apuntandoal cielo del desierto
le dicen a todos:“abran los brazos,
extiendan las manos;no se vuelvan duros
puños sin corazón”8 de noviembre de 2011
SAGUAROSin Mesa, Arizona
saguaros pointingto the desert sky
tell all around:“open your arms,
extend your handsdon’t become some
hard heartless fists”

November 8, 2011

A Poet Without Borders


Borderless ButterfliesThe current crisis of unaccompanied child refugees from Central America is part of a familiar history – the continual unwillingness of people of the Americas to stay within and behind the borders drawn between them. The upcoming title from Poetic Matrix Press, Borderless Butterflies / Mariposas sin fronteras, is a book of poems for the earth and the people, crafted by a poet at the peak of his power. It speaks to the porousness of our boundaries, and the futility of all attempts to separate people and regions so intimately intertwined.

Francisco X. Alarcón is a man who, like the monarch butterfly he eulogizes, lives in and migrates between many worlds. From Los Angeles to Guadalajara, from the Mission barrio in San Francisco to Stanford and UC Davis, Francisco has lived fully immersed in the diverse cultural landscape of California and Mexico. Part of a small but remarkable group of gay Chicano poets, his language is lean and brief; his poems puncture the skin and pierce the heart.

This is a work of rare beauty and intelligence. Through tierra, fuego, agua, and aire Francisco takes us on a journey into our own psyche and through the concerns of our world – immigration and identity, the fragility and strength of our natural environment, the many faces of love, and the politics of a world in great need of illumination. Through everything he gives voice to our own unspoken feelings, and does so with delicate yet powerful language. These poems are a constant source of wisdom and grace.

A Campaign of Many Voices

Why is an award-winning poet with a Stanford MA and unimpeachable credentials publishing with a small press, and using IndieGoGo to fund production? While many publishing houses would happily produce his new manuscript, Francisco chose Poetic Matrix Press – a small, independent press with roots in the Sierra Nevada and the Central Valley. We have always published books that reflect the diverse voices of California and beyond, and which help bring the full richness of life into focus. The advent of crowdfunding platforms has allowed us to go a step further – we can directly address the people of our community and society to help spread their voices through our books.


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