Online ebook Alchemist Gift #1 in Sales on Smashwords

Online ebook Alchemist Gift #1 in Sales on Smashwords

Alchemist Gift online eBook Cover

Alchemist Gift online eBook Cover


Online ebook Alchemist Gift #1 in Sales on Smashwords for the last consecutive 12 Days. It has been #5 in Best Sellers in the Literature Category. Although that category changes frequently, Alchemist Gift online ebook has been in the top 20 multiple times over the last week.

Alchemist Gift online ebook is only $1.99 at Smashwords for a limited time.

Smashwords also allows readers to download 15% of Alchemist Gift online ebook for FREE. You can click here and pick pdf to download it to your computer.


Reviewers say:


“a style reminiscent of Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s magical realism”
-Red City Review,

“Alchemist Gift is a thought-provoking journey through time.”
-Red City Review,

“WOW! This story creates characters that you really grow to love and respect.”
-Amanda Craven, Editor

“With worlds you can see as if you were watching a movie, and characters that are so
dynamic they could be your next door neighbor, this book transports you through time
and space to a magical place.”
-Amanda Craven, Editor

“The author has done his homework on the Renaissance period of the late 1400s, early 1500s. He captures the politics, culture and religion of the times through five love stories.”
-Mary Ellen Wilson, Editor

“Read this thoughtful and earthy story with its many intricately woven subplots that
culminate in a satisfying ending, but you’ll still wish for more…5 stars!”
-Regina Brunton


A Brief Synopsis from the author, Mark Giglio

Alchemist Gift Synopsis from pasquali on Vimeo.

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