Alchemist Gift Online Ebook’s Strong Women Reveal Feminist Philosophy

The Strong Women of Alchemist Gift online ebook

Alchemist Gift Ebook is populated by many Strong Women

Alchemist Gift, the online ebook, is populated by many resilience and strong women. None of them is “strong for a woman” they are strong human beings who have learned how to deal with what life has given them. When Mark Giglio was doing my research, he couldn’t believe how the attitudes and the second class treatment of over half the human race hadn’t changed much over the last five hundred years. Some sad countries still put women on trial for witchcraft.

Readers experience the trials, tribulations and loves of these women of the late 1400s and early 1500s in the historical time of the Roman Catholic Church and the Reformation, the specter of the plague, miracles and magic.

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Mark Giglio, Author


Mark Giglio, Author & Artist

Mark Giglio, Author & Artist


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