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How is Alchemist Gift like Doctor Who?

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Doctor Who Tardis

Doctor Who’s Tardis

alchemist cabinet

Rene Hermes’ Alchemist Cabinet

Both stories take us on a time travel journey. Doctor Who travels through time in his spaceship called the Tardis. In Alchemist Gift our characters pass through the Alchemist Cabinet and back in time.  While Doctor Who travels anywhere in time either in the past or the future, Alchemist Gift travels back to the Renaissance of the late 1400s and early 1500s, where as in Doctor Who there is no lack of upheavals for the people of the era. Residents of Alchemist Gift’s Renaissance struggle with taxes caused by the wars between royalty of the Reformation and royalty representing the Catholic Church. There is the specter of the black plague, accusations of witchcraft, and troops of soldiers gone awry stealing children and selling them into slavery to make money while the Duke is away fighting the Reformation wars.



wwitch burning Alchemist Gift

Witch Burning Alchemist Gift

Doctor Who’s enemies are of an extraterrestrial nature whereas the villains of Alchemist Gift come from right here on earth. However, there are similar themes like witchcraft. In “The Skakespeare Code” Doctor Who battles what appear to be witches to the citizens of the time but are an alien race who had been imprisoned centuries before for their diabolical attempts to take control of worlds. Alchemist Gift starts with the witch burning of women. One was accused of witchcraft for causing a neighbor’s cows to produce sour milk and another of casting a love spell on Lucius Conino making him unfaithful to his wife, a cowardly way of getting out of the crime of adultery. The cow accusation was an attempt to steal a widow’s good land. Whereas the Doctor saves the day by using his wiles to reverse the portal that was releasing the witches, in Alchemist Gift the witches are saved by a miraculous occurrance precipitated by the magical tree that supplied the wood for the burning.

Both Doctor Who and Alchemist Gift feature strong women characters.

The Strong Women of Alchemist Gift

In Doctor Who his companion is always a strong-willed and adventurous female and many of the aliens are populated by strong women whether good or evil. Alchemist Gift’s women have become strong by dealing with the adversities of life and are complex characters. Even the evil Rosanera has suffered greatly in her life and sometimes performs altruistic acts.

Alchemist Gift being a novel has a single resolution. It is, however, a series and there will be more stories featuring the miraculous properties of the Alchemist Cabinet and more adventures of the various characters you meet in Alchemist Gift. The next features Count Emilio in “Curious Journey” which can be read as it is being written at Doctor Who enthusiasts can enjoy new adventures and resolutions weekly. Perhaps one day Alchemist Gift fans will have the same opportunities. For now, they can read the first novel by getting a FREE 15% download at by selecting Read Online in the download line,  or the ebook can be purchased  for only $1.99 until the early promotions end. The printed book and Kindle ebook will be available at Amazon in late September or early October.




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