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Tweet Generator by Gary Taaffe

This free Tweet Generator mixes hashtags separated by upto 4 sets of brackets, and any number of | symbols. Separate brackets with a space and generate hundreds of tweets.


Q: How do I use the Tweet Generators?
A: Here’s a great example of a message (actually it’s a quote from one of my books), a link to my book (the link could be to your website), and six groups of hashtags with a total of 20 hashtags used within those groups. Unlimited Tweet Generator will mix up all those hashtags to create 241 different tweets.

I do the same thing with lots more quotes and testimonials or whatever it is I want to use for my message, and then I match appropriate hashtags to that particular quote. This generates many thousands of tweets that I import into my AutoTweet program.

[WE NEED TO TALK, AMBER, Jim said with a heavy heart] [#Drunk|#AA] [#Father|#Parenting|#Family] [#Daughter|#Girl] [#Pain|#Sad] [#Runaway] [#YALit|#KidLit|#MGLit|#ComingOfAge|#Adventure|#Survival|#HungerGames|#TheFaultInOurStars|#Divergent|#MazeRunner]

Here are two examples from the 241 tweets generated:
WE NEED TO TALK, AMBER, Jim said with a heavy heart #Drunk #Parenting #Daughter #Sad #Runaway #Survival

WE NEED TO TALK, AMBER, Jim said with a heavy heart #AA #Family #Girl #Sad #Runaway #Adventure

Notice how those hashtags created a sentence in their own right? Not only are they great HASHTAG SENTENCES but they add information to the original message. Plus the hashtags will find very focused customers for my book. This is very powerful marketing. Check out STAMPEDE for loads more information on how to create great hashtag sentences and then how to apply them so they send your book or website masses of ready to buy customers.

Q: Free Tweet Schedulers
A: Punch “Free Tweet Scheduler” into Google for a compehensive list of schedulers to choose from.


Stampede: How I get 300 to 500 Hits on my Amazon Book Page

"Stampede" by Gary Taaffe

“Stampede” by Gary Taaffe


Learn how to make the most of these Tweet Generators in STAMPEDE. Take hashtags to a completely new level using focused, entertaining and intriguing HASHTAG SENTENCES that seek out masses of new and very focused customers.

This is marketing on a completely new level. You won’t believe how well it works until you see your hit counters start to smoke.


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