Alchemist Gift Book Release Party Countdown

Sorbet a Renaissance Treat

Sorbet a Renaissance Treat

The Menu is Ready Day 6

Alchemist Gift Book Release Party
Oct. 19 Sunday 1pm PST
online on Twitter & Facebook
in Southern California email for directions


Carmelized Nut Clusters (Hazelnut and Walnut)
Sundried Tomato & Olive Palenta Fritters
Spinach Tarts
Artichoke Crostini
Deviled Eggs

In Mezzo Piatto

Wine and Honey Sorbet

Zuppa Piatto

Golden Truffled Bisque w/ Pesto Crostini

Insalata Piatto

Spinach Arugala Salad w/ Fennel

Carne Piatto

Grave of Small Birds
Anise Toast (Biscotti)

Pesce Piatto

Seethed Salmon in Aspic

Piatto de Dessert

Cherry-Berry Tarts
Lemon Curd Tarts
Custard w/ Raisins and Honey


Spiced Apple Cider
Red and White Wines (pinot noir, moscoato and champagne)
Water with Lemon or Lime and Mint

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