Scullery Maids Preparing Feast for Alchemist Gift Party

Preparing the Feast for the Alchemist Gift

Renaissance Book Release Breakout Party

Sunday, Oct. 19, 1pm PST
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Sundried Tomato and Olive Polenta - Ancient Renaissance Recipe

Sundried Tomato and Olive Polenta – Ancient Renaissance Recipe

Sundried Tomato and Olive Polenta – Ancient Renaissance Recipe

By Mivashel


Serves: 6-16


16.0 slices


  1. 1

boil the vegetable broth; once boiling, stir in the polenta – let it simmer on low heat while stirring frequently for 15 minutes.

  1. 2

Remove from the heating element; stir in the crumbled feta, shredded parmesan, chopped sundried tomatoes, chopped up basil, and sliced olives.

  1. 3

Once stirred in evenly, put the mixture in a GREASED cake pan (or any circular or square shaped container of similar diameter) and spread/press down evenly.

  1. 4

let the mixture firm up in the refrigerator for a minimum of 2 hours.

  1. 5

once firm, cut the firm polenta mixtures into slices (approximately 16); coat in flour, shaking off excess.

  1. 6

fry the floured polenta in olive oil until nicely browned; then drain on paper towel.


To Make a Tarte of Spinage
Proper Newe Booke, p. 41/C11
Take Spynage and perboyle it tender, then take it up and wrynge oute the water cleane, and chop it very small, and set it uppon the fyre wyth swete butter in a frying panne and season it, and set it in a platter to coole then fyll your tart and so bake it.
20 oz spinach
1/4 lb butter
1 T sugar
1 t cinnamon
1/4 t mace
1/4 t salt
9″ pastry shell
Note: recipes for other pies in this book say “season it up with sugar and cinnamon and sweet butter” or also with mace or just with sugar and butter.
Parboil spinach 3 minutes, rinse in cold water, wring it dry. Fry 2-3 minutes in butter with spices. Cool. Fill shell and bake at 350deg. for 40 minutes.

Note: You can buy prepared pie dough and cut into small circles for tine tartes for appetizers or desserts. Each pie crust makes about 18 tartes. 2 pie crusts to a package means 36 tartes per package.

We also varied the recipe with fetta cheese for some and ricotta and egg for others.

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