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The Year According to the Art of Giglio – Mark’s Humor

This Year Was a Challenging Year for Mark Giglio

Yes it was quite a year! Mark recounted his chance meeting with Larry Hagman of Dallas and I Dream of Jeannie fame in an art gallery in Ojai. Here was an opportunity to schmooz with his fellow man and savor the absurdities of life. Videos can be seen on at Living the Art of Giglio.



Mark is also a patriot. He served his country during the Vietnam War as a VIP (Voice Intercept Processor). listening to the Cuban air force for signs of invasion. In 2014 to honor his country and his fellow veterans he instituted the Veterans Day Grub Crawl.



Thanks Dennys, Claim Jumper, Menchies Yogurt, Pizza Factory, Red Lobster and Applebees for the grub. He started the evening before Veteran’s Day at Claim Jumper with good ol’ American Steak and Potatoes, a staple of all Veterans. Breakfast was at Dennys with their famous Grand Slam and maple shots. It was an eatingfest all day culminating at Applebees with Steak and Potatoes with a rolaid chaser. It was an all American Day.




December 11, 2014 3:17 PM Pasquali aka Blackie, Mark’s cat, becomes disgruntled. He and Mark have been inseparable friends for the last nine years since Blackie was rescued from certain death when he was abandoned in a paper shopping bag as a kitten (He came in a plain brown wrapper). Blackie was at Mark’s side all the way through the writing of Alchemist Gift. When Mark jokingly called Blackie his MEWS, Blackie took offense knowing that by psychic connection he had been feeding the entire novel to Mark. Mark was HIS ghost writer. This really disturbed him. He would have done something about it but his attention was always drawn away by something as important as a noisy black fly that landed on Mark’s hand or the tantilizing f_f_f_t of the pealing back of a cat food can which studies show cats can hear from over half a mile away.



At Halloween Mark climbed into his pumpkin shell. “Kept in a pumpkin shell; escape with an ebook.”

Kept in a Pumpkin Shell? Escape with an Ebook.

Kept in a Pumpkin Shell? Escape with an Ebook.




At Christmas when Mark’s fellow Americans became victims of DRONE ACCIDENTS he felt compassion for these less fortunate and was compelled to warn them of the dangers of DRONE KNEE


Drone Knee

Drone Knee




Drone Ankle Injury

Drone Ankle Injury



and the dangers of becoming a FUGITIVE FROM THE FAA for drone regulation offenses.


FAA Can Never Find Me

FAA Can Never Find Me

Mark’s Christmas epiphany is “Give Mark’s ebook, Alchemist Gift. One size fits all!”

Why didn't they give me Mark's ebook, Alchemist Gift?

Why didn’t they give me Mark’s ebook, Alchemist Gift?


Not that he would ever wear a bra; well, just that once.


And so the year ends. What will the next years bring? More of Mark’s patriotic and humanitarian gestures? More of Blackie’s quest to get recognition for his novel, Alchemist Gift? And I hear Blackie is writing a new graphic novel, Chat Noir! Stay tuned at and on the channel, Living the Life of Giglio.

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