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$9.3 Million in Kindle Unlimited Fund

Authors Help each other to earn more Royalties Click To Tweet

Here’s our letter from Kindle Unlimited. We have received a few very small royalties but we can help each other receive more.
'Robbie's APP' from Triptych Series Vol. 1

‘Robbie’s APP’ from Triptych Series Vol. 1 Read this story

We have continued to see strong response from customers to Kindle Unlimited (KU) and are adding a bonus of $6.3 million to the previously announced base fund amount of $3 million, bringing the total fund to $9.3 million for the month of March.

To further highlight the KDP Select books that are most popular with customers, we will again award “KDP Select All-Stars” for March to the most-read authors and most-read titles in the U.S., U.K. and Germany. We’ll spotlight each All-Star author and title on applicable detail pages. These awards will come with financial bonuses and recipients will be contacted in the next few days. For more information on All-Stars, go here: Anyone with a title in KDP Select—even a debut author with a single title—can qualify if their work becomes a customer favorite.

We will also pay a separate bonus for Kindle Owners' Lending Library loans in Japan Click To Tweet.

Best regards,
The Kindle Direct Publishing Team

Only Read 10% of Your Book
'A Glimpse of Eternity' from Triptych Series Vol. 1

‘A Glimpse of Eternity’ from Triptych Series Read this story

If readers read only 10% of your book you are eligible for a royalty under the Kindle Unlimited program Click To Tweet. With “The Triptych Series” you only have to read 10 pages and Mark will get paid. Let’s help each other get paid. A book of short stories can get you known and make you royalties quicker and easier. Send us a message on twitter @alchemistgift; facebook or by email We will download your book from Kindle Unlimited and read at least 10%. We can do it faster and easier if you have a book of short stories. We can also give you a review easier and faster. See our blog post from April 4, 2015, “People Don’t Buy Books They Download” for more info on Kindle Unlimited.

KDP Select All Stars
'Old Nick' from Triptych Series Vol. 1

‘Old Nick’ from Triptych Series Vol. 1 Read this story

We’d like to help you get into the top 100 and get a bonus in addition to the usual royalty. The top 10 get $25000; the top 50 to 100 get $500 Click To Tweet. Help Mark get into the top 100 and he’ll help you.



People Don't Buy Books; They Download Click To Tweet






Download Triptych Series Vol. 1

Please Download Triptych Series Vol. 1

It is easy. Go to the Amazon page.

If you have the Kindle Unlimited Service, you can download it FREE.

If you don’t have Kindle Unlimited, you can try it FREE for 30 days and download Triptych Series Vol. 1.

Or… you can buy it for $2.99.

Just read one short story and flip through a few other pages, and Mark will get his royalty.

But I’ll bet you like them and want more. Happy Days! Mark is working on the second story for the second volume of the Triptych Series and you will have another book in about a month.

Do you like the Twilight Zone? Ray Bradbury Theater? The Hunger? Each book has one delicious horror story that will make you howl; one beautiful, inspirational fantasy or paranormal story to make you swoon, and one science fiction story to tickle your techy bone and make your skin crawl.

‘Hum-Hor’ is a combination of humor and horror, the macabre, and the unexpected. So get your funny bone tickled and support your favorite artist and writer at the same time, Mark Giglio. We love you! The Triptych Series Vol. 1.

Triptych Series Vol. 1 Hum-hor from the Mind of Mark Giglio

Triptych Series Vol. 1 Hum-hor from the Mind of Mark Giglio

People Don’t Buy Books. They Download.

Triptych Series Vol. 1 Hum-hor from the Mind of Mark Giglio

Triptych Series Vol. 1 Hum-hor Short Stories from the Mind of Mark Giglio.

Download Triptych Series Vol. 1 for FREE with Kindle Unlimited and read one story, only 10 pages. Choose from a romantic ghost story (A Glimpse of Eternity), a humorous horror story (Old Nick) or an OMG science fiction story (Robbie’s APP)

Amazon’s KDP Select a Bonanza for Authors

The KDP Select Global fund for April 2015 is $3,000,000. Would you like to get a piece of that kettle of gold? Earn your share of the KDP Select Global Fund amount when readers choose and read more than 10% of your book from Kindle Unlimited, or borrow your book from the Kindle Owners’ Lending Library. Plus, earn 70% royalty for sales to customers in Japan, India, Brazil and Mexico.

We have found that Japan is the third on our list of viewers. It is still just 2%. The overwhelming number of viewers of our Amazon page come from the United States.

What are Kindle Unlimited and the Kindle Owners’ Lending Library?

Kindle Unlimited is a subscription program for readers that allows them to read as many books as they want. The Kindle Owners’ Lending Library is a collection of books that Amazon Prime members who own a Kindle can choose one book from each month with no due dates. When you enroll in KDP Select, your books are automatically included in both programs. Your books will still be available for anyone to buy in the Kindle Store, and you’ll continue to earn royalties from those sales like you do today. For more information about Kindle Unlimited, click here and for more information about Kindle Owners’ Lending Library, click here. Read more

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