Download Triptych Series Vol. 1

Please Download Triptych Series Vol. 1

It is easy. Go to the Amazon page.

If you have the Kindle Unlimited Service, you can download it FREE.

If you don’t have Kindle Unlimited, you can try it FREE for 30 days and download Triptych Series Vol. 1.

Or… you can buy it for $2.99.

Just read one short story and flip through a few other pages, and Mark will get his royalty.

But I’ll bet you like them and want more. Happy Days! Mark is working on the second story for the second volume of the Triptych Series and you will have another book in about a month.

Do you like the Twilight Zone? Ray Bradbury Theater? The Hunger? Each book has one delicious horror story that will make you howl; one beautiful, inspirational fantasy or paranormal story to make you swoon, and one science fiction story to tickle your techy bone and make your skin crawl.

‘Hum-Hor’ is a combination of humor and horror, the macabre, and the unexpected. So get your funny bone tickled and support your favorite artist and writer at the same time, Mark Giglio. We love you! The Triptych Series Vol. 1.

Triptych Series Vol. 1 Hum-hor from the Mind of Mark Giglio

Triptych Series Vol. 1 Hum-hor from the Mind of Mark Giglio

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