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Alchemist Gift Has a New Publisher

Alchemist Gift Cover 6x9.inddCalifornia Times Publishing has picked up Alchemist Gift and will soon be promoting it on Amazon. Those of you who have not received your book yet are in for a treat. Mark has listened to your comments and has done some rewriting. Alchemist Gift is more concise with a kinder Roland. The new release will include a new Cover, a Book Trailer and an Audio Version of the book. The release date is not announced yet. We’ll let you know when the new release is available on Amazon.

Mark’s Short Stories

Have you been following the blogs about Mark’s Short Stories? There is one book of stories available on Amazon Triptych Series Vol. 1. Each book dubbed ‘Hum-hor’, is a combination of humor and horror, the macabre, and the unexpected. Each volume will include three stories as in Triptych art. You will explore the darker side of human nature a la The Twilight Zone, Alfred Hitchcock, and American Horror Story. The goal is to write at least 15 stories, 5 books in the series, and turn them into audio plays and a video series for Youtube and television.

Mist Boats from Triptych Series Vol. 2

Mist Boats from Triptych Series Vol. 2

Volume 2 is written but not yet published. You, as subscribers, will get the first glimpse with the allegory “Mist Boats”. Will the young tribesmen rise to the challenge, leave the plateau and cross over a mythical mist that appears once a generation? Each has a dream, each has a mist boat they made for the crossing and each must not succumb to the distractions, be they internal or external that could lead to being lost forever.

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