Defeat ISIS through Solidarity

Alchemist Gift

Alchemist Gift.  Don’t let ISIS win. Embrace your fellow man.

We Are All One

One of the themes of “Alchemist Gift” is “We are all one.” We are all part of the human experience, subject to its pinnacles of greatness and selflessness and to the depths of desperation and self-destruction. What we do and the way we react has far reaching effects. The mindset and solutions our ancestors developed affect us today. How we react to the tragedy in Paris and toward the people living and from middle-eastern countries currently in war and turmoil will effect generations to come.

ISIS seeks to divide us

One of the goals of Isis is to be a divisive force. They hope that through their cowardly actions, non-Muslims should look on all Muslims with suspicion, fear and ultimately hatred; to focus on making two camps: us and them.  If that happens they have succeeded. We cannot afford the luxury of that gut response of misguided revenge toward the vast majority of Muslims who share our same values. We are all one, Find the good in a stranger and you will find the good in yourself. There are many forms of strength. Understanding and acceptance are a couple that come to mind.

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For your children, your grandchildren and generations to come, stick together, every ethnicity, every race, every religion, men and women, all people of good will. We are all needed to defeat the forces of ISIS. This is how you defeat an enemy.

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Mark Giglio, Author and Artist

Mark Giglio, Author and Artist


A messages from author Mark Giglio because “Fiction fosters permanent change through emotional enlightenment.”

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