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Choose horror: Old Nick, Helen (winner in the Nevermore Contest), Kingdom Come

or Romance: A Glimpse of Eternity

or Scifi Thriller: Eden Towers, Robbie’s Ap

or Scifi Romantic Thriller: Beyond Certain Boundaries

or Allegory: Mist Boats

or Writers Get Even with Critics Hum-Hor Horror: Spell Check

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Eden Towers What is AIs were better than us?

Eden Towers What if AIs were better than us?

Helen-Nevermore Contest-winner

Helen-Nevermore Contest-winner

Spell Check-Where a Critic Gets What He Deserves

Spell Check- A Critic Gets His Comeuppins



Beyond Certain Boundaries

Beyond Certain Boundaries

'Old Nick' from Triptych Series Vol. 1

‘Old Nick’





Mist Boats

Mist Boats






'Robbie's APP' from Triptych Series Vol. 1

‘Robbie’s APP’

'A Glimpse of Eternity' from Triptych Series Vol. 1

‘A Glimpse of Eternity’

book of silly curses and snarky bar toasts

book of silly curses and snarky bar toasts














Kingdom Come

Kingdom Come







If you go to Amazon and forget how to get back to this page, no worries, just email your choice to

Mark Giglio

Mark Giglio

Mark Giglio


  1. Robert says:

    Hey Mark I would like your story a Glimpse in Eternity for my free story ,thanks

    • Mark Giglio says:

      Hope you also wanted to subscribe to the blog posts here on Alchemist Gift. You get the free book when you subscribe. I have subscribed you and will email you a coupon code for A Glimpse of Eternity. Thanks for your interest.

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