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Give Ebooks for Christmas and include Gift Cards

Ebooks make the perfect Christmas Gift. Now as a gift to you from Mark Giglio use these FREE gift cards in either an envelope or as a stocking stuffer to give an ebook. Ebooks can cost as little as $.99. So why fight the crowds and traffic going to the 99 Cent Store or the Dollar Store for stocking stuffers when you can email or print a beautiful Holiday gift card and email an Ebook Gift.

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Don’t go out in the snow. It’s cold out there. Use these beautiful Holiday Gift Cards and email your gift. You can download a PDF that you can print, cut, sign and put into an envelope or a stocking or download the individual card PDF to sign online and email. Then you can email them your ebook gift.

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Give an ebook and include one of these beautiful Ebook Gift Cards.

You can even get this gift on Christmas Day!
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Cardinals Ebook Card

Cardinals Ebook Gift Cards












Cardinal Ebook Card PDF

Snow Cabin Ebook Card

Snow Cabin Ebook Gift Cards












Cabin Ebook Card PDF

Snowman Ebook Gift Card

Snowman Ebook Gift Cards












Snowman Ebook Card PDF

You can print any of the above gift cards to go into a card or stocking or if you need more than one gift card you can print a sheet of cards with all the cards above on one page from this pdf download. FREE Ebook Gift Cards PDF

With some PDF programs you can even sign the PDF on your computer and email your gift with the PDF card as an attachment. Or you can email your Ebook Gift directly from Amazon after you send an email with your PDF Gift Card attached. FREE Ebook Gift Cards PDF

Here are some Ebook Gift Suggestions for your Gift Cards

Alchemist Gift is a novel $4.99 on Amazon for ages 18+. Eishinas says “an interesting, entertaining discovery of history….with a strong story line… and interesting characters.” If you had the chance to travel to a different time, would you do the same things? Time Travel to the Age of Alchemy, Science Fiction Romance, Adventure, Witches, Spells, Historical Fantasy set in Renaissance Italy and Bavaria, Spiritual Journey of a man seeking Redemption.


'Old Nick' from Triptych Series Vol. 1

‘Old Nick’

Old Nick, is a short story $.99 on Amazon for ages 15+.  In “Old Nick” we meet frustrated Franco, his duplicitous wife Carol Ann and the attractive stranger Nick, whose agenda is certainly his own. Franco makes a deal with Nick, the handsome, mysterious stranger, at Flannigan’s bar. Somehow Nick always gets his way. Franco gets a smashing ending. Horror, Demons, Deal with the Devil, Greed.



Mist Boats

Mist Boats

Mist Boats is a short story $.99 on Amazon for ages 10+, Will the young tribesmen rise to the challenge and cross over a mythical mist that appears once a generation and leave the plateau? Great book for any girl age 10+. A allegory of the heroism of a young girl who has the gift of music and desires to share her gift of healing with the world beyond her small plateau.



Triptych Series Vol. 1 Hum-hor from the Mind of Mark Giglio

Triptych Series Vol. 1

Triptych Series Vol. 1 is a trilogy of short stories $2.99 on Amazon for ages 18+. Three short stories (Old Nick, A Glimpse of Eternity, Robbies Ap), Three stories OLd Nick and Robbies Ap are termed Hum-Hor (humor and horror) from the mind of Mark Giglio, A Glimpse of Eternity is a Romantic Ghost Story with scifi time travel aspects. Read about the individual stories here for more detail.



Helen-Nevermore Contest-winner

Helen-Nevermore Contest-winner

Helen is a short story $.99 on Amazon for 18+, and is a winner in the Nevermore Contest, A tale of secrets, forbidden love, and murder. 14 year old Marcy is confused. Aunt Helen helps. Did I mention Helen is a manipulative monster? Readers say: “Great descriptions of psychological manipulation, and the physical ghoulishness is almost too good.”


'Robbie's APP' from Triptych Series Vol. 1

‘Robbie’s APP’ from Triptych Series Vol. 1

Robbie’s App is a short story $.99 on Amazon for 18+,  Look into the lives of Giles and Virginia Thurston. They are rich enough to satisfy their every appetite until Virginia lets her birthday gift, Robbie’s APP, get out of control. Be ready for a delicious ending. Reader says: a great example of show not tell. Scifi Thriller, Tech Thriller



'A Glimpse of Eternity' from Triptych Series Vol. 1

‘A Glimpse of Eternity’

A Glimpse of Eternity is a short story $.99 on Amazon 18+. Would you want to be able to relive certain loving moments of your life? In this story you will see two couples from different times and circumstances brush against each other’s realities in an ongoing love story that started over a hundred years ago. Romantic Ghost Story, Supernatural Romance, Time Travel.


Eden Towers What is AIs were better than us?

Eden Towers What if AIs are better than us?

Eden Towers is a short story $.99 on Amazon ages 16+., What if people become expendable, unnecessary, a problem? One theme here is income disparity and how great wealth does not make one a more responsible person. Dystopian furtures are so pervasive. I propose that hope springs eternal, and instead of the mad machine (PBM) being the problem, why not be the solution? This is also a good versus evil story, and PBM is the one on the road to redemption with its decision to truly adhere to its prime directive. Scifi Thriller, Tech Thriller, AI Thriller. Furutists.


Beyond Certain Boundaries

Beyond Certain Boundaries

Beyond Certain Boundaries is a short story $.99 on Amazon ages 16+.  Can love transcend the limits of what it is to be human? Most futurists writing of Artificial Intelligence see a distopian world where they exhibit the worst of human characteristics. But what if they discover that the greatest, most altruistic characteristics of mankind are the most beneficial to their temperament. Scifi Romantic Thriller, Futurists


Spell Check-Where a Critic Gets What He Deserves

Spell Check

Spell Check is a short story $.99 on Amazon ages 18+. This is a great story for anyone who likes a Dark Comedy.  I’m sure all of us at one time has felt a searing opinion from someone who is more interested in being the center of attention than being truthful or insightful. Most of us are beyond getting into a yelling match with a pompous ass, especially on his or her turf. What can one do being mere mortals? Now if you could conger a little payback, would you? Let the cliches fly as our nasty reviewer/critic gets his comeuppances. Horror, Hum-Hor, Dark Comedy, from the mind of Mark Giglio.




Merry Christmas

Mark Giglio, Author and Artist

Mark Giglio Author and Artist



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