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FREE Alchemist Gift Ebook with Your Review

Alchemist Gift

Alchemist Gift for Review

FREE Alchemist Gift Ebook when you pledge to write a review on Amazon.

Mark Giglio needs 25 reviews on Amazon by the end of February; so he is giving everyone who pledges to write a review and post it to Amazon a FREE copy of the Alchemist Gift ebook, a $6.99 value.

We didn’t get reviews
at the release

Mark really needs them. He had a book publisher and relied on them to get reviews but they have not been producing reviewers. He knows you showed an interest in reading Alchemist Gift so this is the perfect time. This Alchemist Gift is a rerelease with a new cover, minor rewrite and tighter editing. All have said the new version deserves 5 stars..

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Then we can send you a coupon for a FREE copy on Smashwords. Amazon does not have this feature but the ebook on Smashwords is the same book you will find on Amazon. That is a $6.99 value for you when you pledge to write a review.

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Here are some of the reviews already online:

This was a great read. The author has done a wonderful job weaving the many story lines into one continuous flow, with the back stories as interesting as the main arc of the novel. Unlike a lot of books, you really care about all of the characters, the decisions they make, and their ultimate fates. Even the supporting characters are well developed and you get a sense of their lives and motivations as well as those of the main characters. As with real life, there are moments of happiness and misery, love and hatred, humor and tragedies.The time travel is reminiscent of the ‘Outlander’ series–fantastical yet readily believable.

Roland’s gift from the alchemist is another life in another time. Will he squander the opportunity, or find personal redemption? The author keeps your interest and truly delivers in a delicious twist at the end. I’m anxious to find out what happens to Liz, who is left in his past and whose continuing story is hinted at in book.- Amazon Customer 5 Stars

‘Alchemist Gift’ by author Mark Giglio takes his readers on a hooking adventure through the times back in Medieval period of Italy during the Renaissance with a strong, captivating story line where we’ll get to meet an absorbing character of 28 year old Roland Huges who will be transported through times from present days San Diego to Medieval Italy to find answers to his present through past mending his future.
Definitely author Mark Giglio proves to have done a great groundwork research on the times of Renaissance giving a very clear visualistic glimpse of the unjust times of darkness, ruled by high society politics of that era through some strong life like characters and their stories making it possible for readers to relive history with a smooth flowing story plot.
Without revealing much and being the book spoiler i’d like to suggest readers not to mistake ‘Alchemist Gift’ with any other book for just being a simple novel of time intersections and transportation, instead just leave your choice of reading to talented author Mark Giglio who is sure to give his readers an interesting, entertaining discovery of history.
Highly recommended to all and esp. to those looking for strong story line and to history lovers. – Eishinas 5 Stars

Alchemist Gift Cover

Old Alchemist Gift

The first review by Roses are Amber was of the old book and does not relate to the rewritten copy you will receive.

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Thank you for your help

Mark Giglio, Author and Artist

Mark Giglio, Author


Audiobook Free or $1.99 Alchemist Gift

Great Ways to get the Alchemist Gift Audiobook

First here is a sample of the audiobook. This excerpt is the transcendental experience of Roland and Sophia when they touch the scales on the Alchemist Cabinet from the book Alchemist Gift ( written by Mark Giglio, audio by Gary Roelofs, Just close your eyes and listen. You will have a great experience.


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Get Alchemist Gift Audiobook for only $1.99

I know this doesn’t sound right but it is true. It involves buying the book twice. Yes. If you buy Alchemist Gift as an ebook for $6.99, Audible will allow you to buy the audiobook for $1.99. At least that is what happened to me, Mary Ellen Wilson. The usual cost of the the audibook can be as much as $26.99. So about $9.00 is a great bargain.

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Get Alchemist Gift FREE with a FREE trial of Audible

You can get the Alchemist Gift Audiobook for FREE with a new trial of Audible. Audible will let you have the service for 30 days for FREE and let you download 2 books. After the first month is over, it costs $14.99 per month. If you listen to several books per month the second membership below may be best for you.

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What are the different membership plans Audible offers?

Audible offers several membership plans to choose from, depending on your listening level and preference. There are currently four plans that come with exclusive benefits such as:

  • Monthly or annual audio credits that can be redeemed for any Audiobook on our Web site.
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    Here is a breakdown of our membership plans and pricing:

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Note: Any title you purchased is yours to keep, even after your membership has ended.

Remember Listen to the Sample Above or on the Amazon page

Listen with your eyes closed to get the most out of the experience. Feel the beauty of the author’s writing. Experience what the characters experience. Fall in love¬†with the characters in Alchemist Gift as many readers have.

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Regina Brunton says:

This was a great read. Unlike a lot of books, you really care about all of the characters, the decisions they make, and their ultimate fates. As with real life, there are moments of happiness and misery, love and hatred, humor and tragedies.

Thank you for your interest.
Mark Giglio, Author and Artist

Mark Giglio, Author



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