Trouble getting the Alchemist Gift ebook?

Here’s some help to get Alchemist Gift for review.

You need to click the Adult Content button that is located in the upper right of the Smashwords page

Content is very light but Smashwords wants us to use this if it is recommended for 18+..

Those who have already read Alchemist Gift and have written your review, thank you again. We appreciate the many kind words and good suggestions. You are the best. In fact the ebook is a little different now thanks to the good advice of our readers.

Use this coupon code GH25V on the smashwords website

  1. Click on Buy
  2. Fill in your coupon code in the coupon box
  3. Click Apply Coupon on the right.
  4. The price will go to 0.
  5. Click checkout
  6. Next page click View Purchases in Library
  7. See your book and click on download or email whichever you prefer
  8. Then you can choose whatever format you like to read your book: epub (itunes), mobi (kindle), pdf (on your computer), or read online, etc.

Enjoy. Please put a review on Amazon and notify me

thank you again.

Here’s a little bonus:

Audio Clip For Alchemist Gift

By Mark Giglio


Magic Tree Alchemist Gift

Magic Tree Alchemist Gift

Alchemist Gift Summary






I hope this email finds you to be well. Just a little more about Alchemist Gift. Please listen and determiie if you still want your FREE copy of the book in exchange for your review.

Refer Your Friends

Once you have read the book and enjoy it, feel free to share this page with your friends. We will give them a free book as well if they pledge to writing a review for Amazon.

Thank you for your help

Mark Giglio, Author and Artist

Mark Giglio, Author


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