I never knew Classical Composers were so funny

Take a look at what my publicist Mary Ellen Wilson has started.

 Music by Dead Guys and Gals on KKSM Radio

Music by Dead Guys and Gals

Music by Dead Guys and Gals

Mary Ellen Wilson will interview a composer or performer Back From The Dead. They will tell you Stories to delight you, Stories that will shock you, Stories you will not believe from the mouths of the maestros themselves…Back from the Dead. You will be surprised by their humor and we’ll play their music too.



Meet a classical composer BACK FROM THE DEAD Saturdays 12 noon on KKSM AM 1320 www.palomarcollegeradio.com Click To Tweet


Don’t miss this rare opportunity to hear from The Composers.

You’ll laugh; you’ll cry; you’ll be transported to a world of laughter and beautiful music on KKSM Radio, AM 1320, The Radio Revolution, Oceanside CA, www.palomarcollegeradio.com.

hosted by
Mary Ellen Wilson

Mary Ellen Wilson

M. E. Wilson

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