Why read the author’s notes? A good question.

Alchemist Gift

Alchemist Gift

When I was in college working on my English degree I’d wince at the sometimes twenty or so pages of prologue and then another ten or so pages of author’s notes between me and starting a novel. I wanted to get into the story as soon as possible. So here it is many years later and I am guilty of asking a reader to slog through my notes. Thank goodness what I have to say is not too long winded. What I hoped to do in Alchemist Gift is impress on people the theme of: We Are All One, We Always Have Been And Always Will Be. We Are A Mirror To All And The Measure Of None. Some of what I mean by that is all of our lives are so entwined, not only here in the present but what happened in the past. Consider what a miracle it is that we are even here. Imagine if one detail of the past was changed, something as simple as an ancient relation twisting her ankle and missing out on a tryst that would have lead to your great, great, great, great, great grandfather not being conceived; where would you be? I find it amazing we are even here, me writing this blog and you reading it, what are the chances? In Part I of Alchemist Gift I devote quite a bit of verbiage to characters living during the Renaissance period whose live’s may not connect with the protagonist Roland, but those characters’ actions do in time have a direct and profound effect. As Marcus Aurelius put it: “What we do echoes in eternity.”

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Mark Giglio, Author and Artist

Mark Giglio, Author

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