What is in a name?

Alchemist Gift

Alchemist Gift

One day I realized what fun it must be for an author to select names for his/her characters that carried a deeper meaning or helped define the protagonist. Many of the characters in Alchemist Gift have names that do just that. I chose Roland for the protagonist as a salute to The Song of Roland; Lila Thurston, a minor character but very important, as a reference to Lilith; the alchemist Rene Hermes, Rene=Rebirth and Hermes the “father” of the alchemy process; Sofia, Rene’s foundling daughter=knowledge, Rosalba =Whiterose, a real sweetheart, Rosanera =Blackrose an ambitious and calculating woman. Cesare Lippo after the medieval painter/artist and so on. I even named the the seamstress Anna, (the patron saint of seamstresses). I also used family names, Partriarca (my grandmother’s maiden name), a few other names from my family tree, one for a church official and another for a scholar who took part in the great experiment that caused the tear in the cosmos and the possibility of time travel. There are also some names of relatives, childhood friends and old work acquaintances who and now alive in the pages of Alchemist Gift.

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Mark Giglio, Author and Artist

Mark Giglio, Author

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  1. Upon re-reading the first draft of my latest novel I’d named one of the minor characters after one of the girls in my class – Judith Wright – without even realising. We weren’t actual friends as she was rather bland, I remember, but she has appeared quite naturally in my novel as a sinister older woman masquerading as a teacher. Oo-er.

    Obviously, nothing comes from nothing, and even though most of our readers probably won’t have the remotest idea of these connexions, it’s extremely satisfying to the writer, especially if it’s deliberate.

    Enjoyed your post!

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