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“The Patròn’s Wife” Guest Post

This week’s post is guest post on Marie Lavender’s Blog site “Writing in the Modern Age”. Go take a look here. http://marielavender.blogspot.com/2017/06/when-a-story-starts-to-grow-by-mark-giglio.html

This article focuses on research and it’s importance in writing. You will also get some insight into the research that went into “The Patròn’s Wife”, see a picture of the Waorani Tribe and the vintage Collins 75A-4 radio.

“The Patròn’s Wife” will be released in July or August. We have decided to stop putting books up on Amazon. They are on the “Grab Your Wallet”  list and we have never seen any commissions from them even though some reviewers have said they bought “Alchemist Gift”. Soon our books will be available on our websites.

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“The Patròn’s Wife”

The Patròn’s Wife Launch Team

The Patròn’s Wife

“It is the path of all affairs, selfishness, deception, and possession.” Emilio Aguilar reflects on his latest failed love affair with a married woman. He journeys to El Paradiso, the vast plantation in the Ecuadorian highlands above the Amazon jungle to retreat from civilization, temptation and himself. Then he meets Alma, the Patròn’s wife.


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Also, Here’s what some early readers have said
about “The Patròn’s Wife”

Everything feels so real and natural in this story, even the fantastic elements.

The descriptions are nice and vivid. I could see and imagine every scene which was written.

The touch of mystery is always welcome and appreciated in these stories, and you did a great job with the dreams and the jaguar.

It was something which FELT beautiful and dangerous at the same time, amazing and frightening.

The style of writing is to be admired, since it completely puts the reader under a spell, so to speak, making them completely enchanted by the story.

Overall, it’s an overwhelming story, well written and worth reading.

“Mark Giglio conjures up an exciting world of romance and exotic spiritualism in the South American jungle 5*s”-George Knox

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In addition,Thanks Again for Your Interest

Mark Giglio

Mark Giglio




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