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Alchemist Gift Marcella
Alchemist Gift

Alchemist Gift

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One element of historical writing or for that matter any writing depends on the collective mood of the times and characters. While writing ‘ALCHEMIST GIFT’ I did a lot of research not only in the daily mundane activities during the Renaissance but also the motivations of the people during that era. There are always the staples of the human condition: love, hate, greed, lust, envy, honor, fear and hope (to name a few) that transcend time and are always pushing and pulling us in our emotional lives.


The one shining light in this terrible twilight was the Catholic Church. Click To Tweet
Marcella, Strong and Resilient

Marcella, Strong and Resilient

During the Renaissance, the vast majority of the people were peasants, many were subsistence farmers who didn’t own the land they were tilling. These hapless folks were susceptible to every disease, the whims of the weather, military invasions from the local fiefdoms, pestilence and famine. The one shining light in this terrible twilight was the Catholic Church. The church had a very large say in every aspect of a person’s life. Try to imagine that no matter how miserable your life was, if you obeyed all of the church laws and with the help of the priest, you would go to heaven when you died, and if you did not …an eternity of torment and greater suffering in hell awaited you.

Sofia, Roland's Love and Salvation

Sofia, Roland’s Love and Salvation



When I was developing my characters’ psyches, I tried to incorporate the hopes and fears they would have. For that reason you will see my characters pray, make their confessions, and show their respect toward the clergy and church teachings. I think it would be natural for my characters to prayer and show concern for their immortal souls. They weren’t religious fanatics, only people trying to find balance between the here and now and what the promised afterlife had in store for them.

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Mark Giglio, Author and Artist

Mark Giglio, Author and Artist

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