Book Release for The Patron’s Wife Today

The Patron's Wife Mark Giglio, author

The Patron’s Wife
Mark Giglio, author

Join Mark today for “The Patron’s Wife” Book Release Party 10M – 9PM PST for Fun, Prizes, Discounts, Exciting Videos, Audios, Interviews and more…



The Most Deadly Amazon Creatures
Travel down the Rio Oscuro from your point of view as Mark reads the experience from “The Patron’s Wife”
Beautiful Butterflies of the Amazon
Mark talks about  Why He Writes
Mark tells you about the Characters in “The Patron’s Wife”
Mark talks about The Romantic Period and how it plays out in “The Patron’s Wife”
The Waorani People and more…


Mark Giglio

Mark Giglio

Mark Giglio
George Henry
Marie Lavender




The Patron's Wife Jaguar

The Patron’s Wife Jaguar. Amazon rainforest jaguar. Bet you won’t bump into one of these beautiful beasties in an urban jungle? Photo #7 by By Land Rover Our Planet AND 46 MORE PHOTOS




The Patron’s Wife e-book is only $.97 with an autograph

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10 Patron’s Wife E-books and 1 Paperback all with an autograph
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Marie Lavender
Gary Starta
Enjay Taylor
Pat Ritter

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Mark Giglio Author and Artist

Mark Giglio
Author and Artist



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