Mark Giglio, author of Alchemist Gift and artist for Alchemist Series Furniture

Mark Giglio, author of Alchemist Gift and artist for Alchemist Series Furniture


Mark Giglio

I started my adult life with an honorable discharge from the Air Force followed by a degree in English. Along came a wife and a baby boy. Circumstances lead me to follow my own bent and not the one I studied.  I feel I have tasted enough of the bitter and sweet of life to share my notion of the life’s essence in my writing. I’ve always been interested in the connections people have with each other and the world around them. History, humanities, art, philosophy, anthropology, world religions and the natural world have been a fascination for me and a fountain head for inspiration

I come from a background
of craftsmen and artists.

I had to set my degree aside and I took the path of a furniture and cabinet-maker. I still pursued my academic interest and wrote a poem here and a short story there for my own amusement, to keep my hand in, so to speak.  For many years the real outlet for my creativity is my ability to create beautiful and unique furniture that is inspired by Alchemy and the European Renaissance.

This study lead to the Alchemist Series

On a suggestion by my dear friend and mentor I wrote a screenplay called Alchemist Cabinet and featured a piece of my art furniture for the main prop. Writing the screenplay was a fun challenge but a bigger story begged to be told. This led me back to the various ways people connect with each other and ultimately how we are all connected and, how truly tenuous our existence came to be. Consider a turn in the path not taken, a missed opportunity to mate, an arrow or rock that missed or hit its mark, all this happening countless millennia ago, and our presence in the here and now was dependant on those long forgotten people, our ancestors, and if it wasn’t for those specific choices they made at that second in time,   you or I may not have ever been born.

“We Are All One”

The idea that we are all one does not just apply to today or tomorrow. As it has been from the beginning it will be so until the end.

I have three grown sons.  I live in De Luz, California with my friend and mentor Mary Ellen Cavanaugh. My other interests include: painting, sculpture, piano improvisation, interior decorating and old sports cars. You may see some of my art furniture at

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