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alchemist gift cabinet

alchemist gift cabinet


Start a fan club for Alchemist Gift: We give you a website with the Alchemist Gift Blog Feeding to it, tools to build an email list, support for you an your club members.

You will get perks like promotional items, a website, a facebook page, special offers only for fans and invitations to all events. See sample Alchemist Gift Fan Club on Facebook.
We have plans to have the book and e-book for sale on Amazon and Smashwords by May of 2014. Eventually we will also have it available as an audio-book. We are working with some producers to learn how to present the screenplay which is already written to make a movie and we are coming up with ideas for a television series.
Share your ideas about Alchemist Gift events and promotions with Mark Giglio, the author and Mary Ellen Wilson, his publicist.

Promote Alchemist Gift as a Fan Club Founder

1. share the blog with your social networks. The links are at the end of each blog and on the right.
2. sign up to receive the blog in your email. Click the Follow Button on the bottom right
3. share with your friends to sign up and get a signed bookmark from the author (click on prizes – bookmarks)
4. tweet to 5 people each day about the book (contact me for details)

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