Bar Toasts for Your Personal Party

Snarky Bar Toasts

Snarky Bar Toasts

Big Book of Silly Curses and
Snarky Bar Toasts E-Book

for Halloween or
any Inappropriate Occasion

Unlimited downloads for your party guests
to their cell phone available for their
iBook or Kindle App

So they can scare each other and
toast to their evil ways

$20 for you and your guests to have oodles of fun

Make your rivals quiver with a Bar Toast like:
“May you always send money to the Nigerian prince”

Monster Nigerian Prince


Horrify your neighbor with a Bar Toast:
“May the toilet paper roll always run out and
there never be another roll to be found”

Evil witch Toilet Paper

Make your brother cringe with the Bar Toast:
“May you discover your wife is our long lost sister”

Girl Demon Wife-sister

Or Good Bar Toast for everyone:
“May you be sued by someone you help”
Or: “May you be sued for not helping

Halloween Drink Toast


All this FUN for your guests for only $20

Do you have a friend to tickle? Would you like to get even? Has your neighbor driven you mad? Have you had it with your brother making you the butt of every joke? Here’s your chance to get even with a curse from Mark Giglio’s collection of old Italian curses or snarky toasts….tphhhh!

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Mark Giglio, Author and Artist

Mark Giglio, Author and Artist



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