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Patron’s Wife Book Launch Party 8-7-17

Party Party Party

The Patron’s Wife Book Launch Party Aug. 7, 2017 10am-9pm Pacific time. Sign up for Prizes, Discounts, Interviews, Videos, Audio, Awesome Pictures and Video of the Amazon and Waorani, Guest Authors. What a blast! A Multi-Media Affair (pun intended)
The Patron's Wife Mark Giglio, author

The Patron’s Wife
Mark Giglio, author


Mark Giglio

Mark Giglio

Mark Giglio
George Henry
Marie Lavender



The Patron's Wife Jaguar

The Patron’s Wife Jaguar. Amazon rainforest jaguar. Bet you won’t bump into one of these beautiful beasties in an urban jungle? Photo #7 by By Land Rover Our Planet




The Patron’s Wife e-book is only $.97 with an autograph

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10 Patron’s Wife E-books and 1 Paperback all with an autograph
Books from Guest Authors

George Henry
Marie Lavender
Gary Starta
Enjay Taylor
Pat Ritter


The Most Deadly Amazon Creatures


Goodreads Giveaways Contest Alchemist Gift Last Day

Last Day to Win Alchemist Gift in the Goodreads Giveaway

Goodreads Giveaway dates: Oct. 14-Nov. 30

Alchemist Gift in 2nd Place

Goodreads Giveaway sponsored by Jeff Napolitano of California Times Publishing

Alchemist Gift in a nutshell

Alchemist Gift is Time Travel to the Age of Alchemy with Renaissance history action, 3D characters you love and hate, beautiful descriptions that put you into scenes of Italy & Bavaria and the lives of the characters, and uplifting assurance of the goodness of man, with a satisfying ending.

Goodreads review

I did a beta read of the book. Alchemist Gift was difficult to put down. It satisfies on so many levels. The author has done his homework on the Renaissance period of the late 1400s, early 1500s. He captures the politics, culture and religion of the times through six love stories. The human condition is apparent in the characters with love, desire, lust, kindness, brutality, spirituality, and courage. There are many strong women in the story who are strong for their character and confidence. From philosophy to science and science fiction the book introduces you to the ancient Bagdad battery that powers a Renaissance version of a laser beam up to the magical Alchemist Cabinet. The characters experience time in a non-linear fashion reminiscent of Gabriel Garcia Marquez in “One Hundred Years of Solitude”. The descriptions made me feel like I was there experiencing the events with all my senses. There is action, adventure, magic, romance, history, culture and more. This book is a full course meal.

Amazon Description

“A style reminiscent of Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s magical realism.” – Red City Review.

If you had the chance to travel to a different time period, would you do the same things?

How does indecisive grad student Roland Hughes find himself cheating on his longtime girlfriend Liz, with a rich, Ferrari-driving, Lila Thurston, who involves him in her four hundred fifty thousand dollar heist? That’s just the beginning of his woes. He has haunting visions of Renaissance men and women pulling him back to a time of witchcraft, magic, curses, and Alchemy. Roland pays dearly for his fling with Lila, and desperately wishes for another chance. The cosmos hear him, and deliver help with the enchanted Alchemist cabinet for a new life and time. Will he redeem himself or chase the same temptations?

Time Travel to the Age of Alchemy.

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