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Alchemy and Alchemist Gift – Renaissance Feasts – 052513

Alchemist Gift – Renaissance Feasts

renaissance feast - alchemy alchemist gift

renaissance feast – alchemy alchemist gift

Alchemy and Alchemist Gift continued:
And as it was ten days earlier, Conte Emilio d’Benevita remained seated on the stone bench by the fish pond where Lorenzo Patriarca left him. He wished he had one of his brothers along for company. Emilio heard the crunch of footsteps on the gravel walk. The sun was low in the sky. It was the figure of the white haired, antique servant who helped him from his coach that morning.

The servant approached the conte, stopped a few paces away and bowed. Signore Testaoro sent the servant out to collect his missing guest. The conte was right where Lorenzo Patriarca said he would be.

“Sir, Il Signore Testaoro requests that you come for dinner.”

Emilio looked at the elderly man and smiled. “And what might be your name?”

“Helmut, sir, will you be coming along with me now?”

“This place is certainly beautiful.”

The servant bowed. “As you say, sir.”

“Helmut, you’ve been with Testaoro for a long time?” Emilio placed his palms flat on the stone bench, arched his back and stretched. He discovered over the years that servants, if spoken to in a familiar and friendly way are more likely to share what they know. Read more

Alchemy and Alchemist Gift – Emilio and Lorenzo – Dark Arts? 052213

Alchemist Gift and Alchemy – Emilio and Lorenzo – Dark Arts?

count emilio - alchemist gift

count emilio – alchemist gift


Alchemy and Alchemist Gift continued: The two men remained silent and sipped at their brandy. Even though the air was cleared the atmosphere in the room was heavy with the two personalities.

Testaoro set his empty glass on the desk. “Dear conte, I will have you shown to your room now, if you have no objection. I have some business to attend to.”

“Thank you signore,” Emilio drank the rest of his brandy and set his glass next to Testaoro’s so they touched.

Looking past Conte d’Benevita and without warning Testaoro clapped his hands in front of Emilio’s face which made him flinch. The white haired servant who offered his hand to Emilio when he first arrived immediately entered the room and bowed to Testaoro.

“Show the conte to his room, and make sure he is comfortable.”

“Yes sir.” The servant again bowed to Testaoro and then to Emilio.

“Until dinner, conte,” Testaoro crossed his arms and watched his future son-in-law leave the library.

*               *               *             *             *                 *               *                  * Read more

Alchemy and Alchemist Gift – Count Emilio – 051713

Alchemist Gift – Count Emilio

count emilio - alchemist gift

count emilio – alchemist gift

Alchemy and Alchemist Gift continued: She poured a little olive oil on the skillet. Then she broke the eggs in a bowl, whisked them and added some cut up mushrooms she had gathered the day before and some finely cut up leeks. She poured all of this onto the skillet and turned the edges in towards the center with a wooden spoon until the eggs were cooked.

What Cesare said made her think and smile. It was true; there were only the two of them, living in such a natural and familiar harmony she felt as if they had always lived together. As comfortable and safe as this refuge was, Marcella did have a longing to see the town she grew up in and even if the people who thought her the odd bird. They were still a part of her life. It was going on two months since she slipped through that secret door and out of Terra Sanctus and found her way to Cesare’s. She missed her Aunt Prunella. She missed the twins and even Farintino a little bit. She wanted to put flowers on her mother’s grave. She wanted to attend mass. Marcella wanted to see a different face, hear some different words, smell the smells at the market place. Read more

Alchemy and Alchemist Gift – 050913 – Marcella thinks of love

Alchemist Gift – Marcella thinks of love

Alchemist Gift - Marcella

Alchemist Gift – Marcella

Alchemy and Alchemist Gift continued:
The pole was in the center of a green field that adjoined the town square. The May pole stood sixteen feet tall with a knot of red and white and yellow streamers attached to the very top. The streamers fluttered in the breeze.  Suspended below the streamers on four red colored cords hung a horizontal hoop woven with bright spring flowers and myrtle boughs. The long ribbons were attached to the hoop and followed a gentle curve into the hands of the young maidens who ringed the pole.

The girls were pretty faced and fresh, with rosy cheeks and hair either plaited or in a rush of bouncing chestnut waves and curls. They wore embroidered blouses and brightly colored, full over skirts. They were about to dance around the May Pole as their distant Babylonian sisters did to celebrate the fecundity of spring.  Each girl faced the pole and held a ribbon. Then every other girl stepped in a few paces toward the pole and turned to the left, the outer ring of girls faced the right, all bowed and with some kind of unspoken collective recognition moved to the beat of the tabor and the aching cry of the rauschpfeife. The girls in the outer circle moved in and around their stationary counterparts and began to intertwine their ribbons around the maypole. Rene along with the young men looked on appreciatively at the display of grace and femininity. Read more

Alchemy and Alchemist Gift – Rene Hermes Returns from University – 05-05-13

Alchemist Gift – Rene Hermes Returns from University

The Doctors Of The Church religious Renaissance Filippo Lippi paintings

The Doctors Of The Church religious Renaissance Filippo Lippi paintings

“Very nice.  Safe journey to you.”

“And to you too, sir.”

As Marcella found her way back home, the young man she passed, Rene Hermes, was also heading to his home. He left the University of Padua after having earned his doctorate in medicine. He was twenty five and thin as any student who had been away from his mother’s cooking for so many years. Rene still had a long way to go. He was headed to a lush and forested Bavarian valley outside of the town of Alder Lager.

Rene reckoned he had another month of travel. So far he walked along with four different groups of folks headed down the same path. They shared their stories and food. Rene did not like to travel alone and happenstance was kind enough to bring him company in a most timely manner.  When one traveling partner turned down another path, he would encounter someone or some group to walk with. Rene heeded his father’s warning of the dangers on the lawless roads he would travel. Read more

Alchemy and Alchemist Gift – Cesare Talks of the Experiment – 05-01-13

Alchemy and Alchemist Gift –
Cesare Talks of the Experiment

Valentino's Battery - Alchemy Alchemist Gift

Valentino’s Battery – Alchemy Alchemist Gift

Alchemy and Alchemist Gift continued: “Valentino pointed out that time passes in different ways for different people. When we wait for something we want to happen, time can’t pass quickly enough.  If we are doing something we enjoy, why does time seem to slip away so quickly?”

“That’s the same for everybody, is it not?” Marcella picked up one of plums from the platter and turned it over in her hand. She tasted the fruit, it was bittersweet.

“I think each one of us has felt that way. But the bit of time spent waiting or doing whatever it is you might enjoy could be the same, could it not?”

“Yes, I suppose it could be.”

“We all feel time differently; the baker waiting  for the bread to rise, the nun saying her prayers, the little baby sleeping, the soldier in battle, everyone in the world is living at that exact instant, and for each one of us time is stretched or compressed. The moment passes and time changes for all of us again.” Read more

Alchemist Gold and Alchemy 04-24-13 An ancient power

Alchemist Gift – An ancient power

Valentino's Battery - Alchemist Gift

Valentino’s Battery – Alchemist Gift

Alchemist Gold continued: Valentino was at the seminary at the firm request of his mother in hopes he would change his ways. I was surprised.  He was a descent sort, always kind, polite and generous. He showed respect to everyone. In the course of our conversation I discovered his mother sent him away to remove him from the influence of his father.

I eventually found out that Valentino the Elder dabbled in Alchemy, the dark arts and astrology. His aims were to put order to the chaos of the world and investigate what he called the “elasticity of time.”

The journey took five days. We arrived in the late morning. The coach turned into a broad drive bordered by neatly trimmed shrubs. This wasn’t merely a house; it was an estate, complete with fountain, flower gardens and a stable all supported by a vast vineyard and winery. Read more

Alchemist Gift – 04-23-13 Marcella discovers the books

Alchemist Gift – Marcella discovers the books

chest - Alchemist Gift

chest – Alchemist Gift

Alchemist Gift continued: Now on this adventurous night, in the pale moonlight she saw the faint outline of the upper corner of the door frame.  She ran her hand along the wall behind the shrubs.  Marcella blindly felt the details of the door and the rough weathered wood. Her fingers made out the iron bar that was pad locked in its saddle. She did not understand how she could open a door that was so secure.

Marcella harbored no anger toward the Holy Virgin so she prayed to her to guide her hands and to give her strength. She felt along the horizontal row of large clavos that ran across the center of the door. She hoped the door would work tonight the same way it did when she first found it ten years ago.  She wiggled each clavo until she found the loose one. She closed her eyes and pushed on the head of the clavo; it moved. She pressed harder and then she heard a click and felt the door move.  She reached into the shrubs with her other hand and found that everything moved as one. What appeared to be the wooden door frame, along with the iron bar, and the pad lock all made up the door. Marcella pulled hard and the door moved, she pulled again and it finally opened enough for her to pass through. She struggled with the shrubbery and held it out of the way with one hand, picked up her bag with the other and ducked into the opening. She could see the outlines of the vines in the moonlight, hanging over the jagged opening.  As she squeezed through to the other side of the wall a spider web brushed her face and made her shudder. She finally broke through the vines and weeds, pulled on the handle of her leather bag until it finally came free with one last yank. Read more

Alchemist Gift and Alchemy 04-14-13 Marcella Flees Terra Sanctus

Alchemist Gift – Marcella Flees Terra Sanctus

Alchemist Gift - Marcella

Alchemist Gift – Marcella

Alchemist Gift continued
– They grabbed her by her arms and pulled her up out of the water. Amelia’s body fell loose. Her arms hung at her sides, her legs collapsed and one ankle turned in the other out.

“Mama, please say something.” Marcella pleaded.

Amelia’s head leaned forward to one side; her eyes were just barely open and vacant. Eduardo and Marcella laid Amelia down next to the vat and Marcella dried her mother’s face with her apron.

Amelia opened her eyes and looked at her daughter and the priest. She was in a dreamy state but when she spoke to them they couldn’t seem to hear her. And when she sat up and went to embrace and comfort her crying daughter, Amelia’s arms could only gather ether and shadow. Amelia watched as Father Eduardo helped Marcella stand up. He put his arm around her shoulder and Marcella cried and buried her face in his chest. And Amelia was lifted by invisible hands into the air and floated away, light as  thistle down and as dust is scattered by the wind so her being dissolved into its individual atoms, spread and became one with the cosmos. Read more

Alchemist Gift and Alchemy – 04-10-13 – Amelia undergoes a purification

Alchemist Gift – Amelia undergoes a purification


Amelia Alchemist Gift

Amelia Alchemist Gift

Alchemist Gift continued: The oblong vat was finally free. It was dirty and dusty on the outside and when they pulled it away from the wall she saw it was fairly clean on the inside because of the way it was stored. There was a thick copper ring attached to either end.  The boys picked it up by the rings, it was heavier than they thought but they could manage just fine. As soon as they found their balance they started to trot.

“Slow down boys!” Marcella called out.

“Yes, your highness.” said Pietro.

“We shall make it a procession. I’ll be the Pope, you can be the King of Naples.” Paulo offered. “Your highness, get in and we will carry you. You can be the Virgin Mary.” he added, hoping Marcella would sit in the vat while they carried it into the house.

Marcella let out an innocent, natural laugh. For this moment her heart felt light and her soul sparkled. It was a feeling from her childhood that she thought she had lost. It was a feeling she had not experienced since those few precious months, right before puberty, when she could spend her days as she wished. The feeling brought sweet tears to her eyes. “No, no there is only one Holy Virgin Mary. I will be the Grand Prioress and lead the procession.” She said with a cracking voice as she looked away from the twins not wanting them to see the emotion she was feeling.  The boys were too busy to notice anyway being mightily occupied as they struggled to carry the vat. Read more

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