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Alchemist Gift Author Mark Giglio’s Birthday is Today

Wish Mark, Alchemist Gift Author, a Happy Birthday

Alchemist Gift author Mark Giglio

Alchemist Gift author Mark Giglio


Alchemist Gift does have some funny segments. That’s why Mark looks so happy. And our friends have stepped up to the plate to get the indigogo campaign off to a good start.

Melissa Batten, the first to support – $10
Mary Ellen Wilson – $50
Sue Klinker – $25
Cheryl and Dave Plotus – $25
Tomas Gayton – $25
Marlene Sudomir – $25
Anonymous – $25
Terri Francois – $20
Mark Gaggia – $25


We now need about $200 more to get the book layed out by Create Space. Soon after we will be able to send out the E-books. Read more

Alchemy and Alchemist Gift – Rene Hermes Returns from University – 05-05-13

Alchemist Gift – Rene Hermes Returns from University

The Doctors Of The Church religious Renaissance Filippo Lippi paintings

The Doctors Of The Church religious Renaissance Filippo Lippi paintings

“Very nice.  Safe journey to you.”

“And to you too, sir.”

As Marcella found her way back home, the young man she passed, Rene Hermes, was also heading to his home. He left the University of Padua after having earned his doctorate in medicine. He was twenty five and thin as any student who had been away from his mother’s cooking for so many years. Rene still had a long way to go. He was headed to a lush and forested Bavarian valley outside of the town of Alder Lager.

Rene reckoned he had another month of travel. So far he walked along with four different groups of folks headed down the same path. They shared their stories and food. Rene did not like to travel alone and happenstance was kind enough to bring him company in a most timely manner.  When one traveling partner turned down another path, he would encounter someone or some group to walk with. Rene heeded his father’s warning of the dangers on the lawless roads he would travel. Read more

Alchemist Gift and Alchemy 03-02-13 It’s a Miracle.

Alchemist Gift – Renaissance. It’s a Miracle.

wwitch burning Alchemist Gift

witch burning Alchemist Gift

Alchemist Gift continued: The five reprieved witches soberly waited as Marta along with her daughter returned to the Provost’s Office. The room was warm and lit by many candles. Marta carried some simple dresses, clothing donated for the poor, that would be warm and comfortable.  Rosina had heavy woolen socks and opened back slippers for everyone and an arm load of towels and small blankets.

Upon seeing her charges Marta was struck by the irony; they stood quiet and sullen in a semi-circle around the raging hearth. Marta felt ambivalent toward the entire situation. She knew these people. She did business with some of them. She saw them in church and at the market place. As far as she could tell they were faithful wives, good mothers and honest traders.  But they confessed to being witches earlier that day and the Word of the Church is true and sacred and to be obeyed. Marta had to consider her own immortal soul.  For now, they were her concern and she would treat them kindly with warmth and charity. Read more

Alchemist and Alchemy 02-16-13

Alchemist Gift

A special note to our readers of Alchemist Gift

The writer of Alchemist Gift, Mark Giglio, would like to invite you the reader to participate in the writing of his novel. As you know the novel you are reading is a first draft and will not be exactly like the printed novel. He thought it would be great fun to have the readers check the novel. Let him know if you find misspelled words, grammatical errors, or some incorrect history. He researches every aspect of the culture of the Renaissance he is revealing in the story, but ….you never know what a reader may be able to contribute. You can say how much you like some parts of the book as well.

Please put your discoveries or corroborations into the comments and let’s all have fun in the writing of Alchemist Gift.


The next excerpt of Alchemist Gift

plague doctor alchemist gift

plague doctor alchemist gift

Here is a contract with a doctor from 1479 with the city of Pavia, Italy.

Alchemist Gift: He opened the short, dark wooden door and entered. The cold wind that raced in behind him was met by the swirling heat of two large bronze braziers on low tripods that were aglow with orange coals.  The room’s low ceiling and its hand hewn, heavy beams were blackened by years of candle and fire smoke. The plastered walls were a dingy white and quite plain.  Except for a few small windows high on the wall, candles gave off the only light.   There were four rows of low cots with six cots each. The bishop was surprised when he saw townsfolk clustered around some of the cots. On each cot lay a victim of the storm.

Lorenzo Patriarca, a tall, brusque man of later middle age was one of the most influential men in the republic. He stood with his distraught wife Penelope and two very concerned and tearful servants, all looking down at his fifteen year old daughter Gina, who was unconscious. When he heard the door open and felt the cold breeze on the back of his neck he turned hoping to see his personal doctor, Jacopo Gallo.  When he recognized the bishop he greeted him with a hateful glare. Read more

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