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Renaissance Breakout Party Alchemist Gift

Renaissance Breakout Party Alchemist Gift

the paperback is out

and You are Invited

Oct. 19, 2014 1pm

2529 Daily Dr., Fallbrook, CA 92028

email: for directions


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Alchemist Gift online eBook Cover

Alchemist Gift online eBook Cover

Alchemy and Alchemist Gift – Rene Hermes Returns from University – 05-05-13

Alchemist Gift – Rene Hermes Returns from University

The Doctors Of The Church religious Renaissance Filippo Lippi paintings

The Doctors Of The Church religious Renaissance Filippo Lippi paintings

“Very nice.  Safe journey to you.”

“And to you too, sir.”

As Marcella found her way back home, the young man she passed, Rene Hermes, was also heading to his home. He left the University of Padua after having earned his doctorate in medicine. He was twenty five and thin as any student who had been away from his mother’s cooking for so many years. Rene still had a long way to go. He was headed to a lush and forested Bavarian valley outside of the town of Alder Lager.

Rene reckoned he had another month of travel. So far he walked along with four different groups of folks headed down the same path. They shared their stories and food. Rene did not like to travel alone and happenstance was kind enough to bring him company in a most timely manner.  When one traveling partner turned down another path, he would encounter someone or some group to walk with. Rene heeded his father’s warning of the dangers on the lawless roads he would travel. Read more

Alchemist Gift and Alchemy 01-29-13

Alchemist Gift and Alchemy

wwitch burning Alchemist Gift

witch burning Alchemist Gift

Alchemist Gift
– The women had their hands tied in front of them. They all wore the same dull colored, coarse garments that looked to be no more than old blankets which were slit to allow it to be worn over ones head like a loose shift. The women’s hair was mussed and matted, faces and feet filthy and they were pale and underfed. One’s legs and arms were covered with sores; another was wracked by a deep rasping cough.

The bishop stood and looked out over the crowd.  When he raised his hand the people became quiet and gave him their full attention. Only the faint whoops and laughter of the little children who were still playing could be heard. This was silenced as the children were snatched up or given a stern look. Read more

Alchemist Gift and Alchemy – 01-24-13

Alchemist Gift and Alchemy

Chapter 3 Alchemist Gift and Alchemy

Renaissance footwear - Alchemist Gift

Renaissance footwear – Alchemist Gift

Excerpt 2

Alchemist Gift – The gentlemen were dressed in dark satins or rich brocades. They wore fine leather boots; each carried a walking stick surmounted with a heavy gold handle in the shape of an eagle or lion. Their serene wives and beautiful daughters draped themselves in silks and satins the colors of apricot or creamy lemon, cinnamon or dusty rose. They wore fine white stockings and the most fashionable shoes of the French design. Their dresses shimmered at the slightest turn or bow or curtsy.  The ladies made a wonderful sight in their ribbons and lace. As they twirled their parasols or flicked their fans, they chit-chatted and bestowed catty compliments on each other. Read more

Alchemist Gift – Alchemy 01-20-13

Alchemist Gift – Alchemy

Alchemist Gift – Join in the fun with the writer of the Alchemist Gift, a first draft novel written online, and let Mark know how you are enjoying the book. Make suggestions. He may incorporate them into the book. Ask questions. He will do research to answer your question. Let him know if you see some history or culture of the Renaissance that is mistaken. He will research it and let the readers know of the correction here in the blog. Read more

Alchemist Gift and Alchemy 010713

Alchemist Gift 010713

History – The Slouch Hat
slouch hat from Alchemist Gift

slouch hat from Alchemist Gift


A question was asked about the slouch hat. Wikipedia describes the slouch hat as “The name “Slouch Hat” refers to the fact that one side droops down as opposed to the other which is pinned against the side of the crown.[1] This style of hat has been worn for many hundreds of years.” It was made to protect one’s face from the sun. We found a picture of it for you. It is mentioned in the first chapter of The Alchemist Gift.

Read more

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