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Alchemist Gift 01-11-13

Alchemist Gift – History

monks Alchemist Gift

monks Alchemist Gift

Monks were not well liked

During the time of Alchemist Gift, monks of the 15thand 16th centuries were not known for their good behavior. By the 16th century many of the religious houses had long since lost their sense of purpose. Some, as landlords, oppressed the local population with exorbitant rents. Heavy debts encumbered others that had been poorly managed.

A priory “became a stopping point for Oxford students whose behaviour and ‘slovenly dress’ created complaints and gained the priory a dubious reputation. An Episcopal visitation in the 15th century reported monks missing holy service and visiting the public house instead, and the Prior having absconded.”*

Beer was drunk in some quantity by monks. In fact, those in Abingdon were rationed to twenty pints per day.* Read more

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