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Alchemist Gift and Alchemy 03-07-13 Wood that will not burn

Alchemist Gift – Wood that will not burn

Magic Tree Alchemist Gift

Magic Tree Alchemist Gift

Alchemist Gift continued: Two days had passed since the “miracle”. Outwardly things returned to normal. The stakes were pulled down by the townsfolk that very evening. The dais disassembled and stowed and the bell, with some difficulty, was loaded into a wagon and taken to the black smiths.

The air of mystery and joyful awe of the miracle was tempered by a collective self-reflection that caused many feelings of shame and guilt for what could have happened. The bishop quietly rescinded the execution orders; he waited for the papal legate and the inquisitor to arrive from Rome and begin their investigation.   The small convent of Santa Dorotea, twenty miles to the south, agreed to take in and care for the women. Monica Longo and Maria Lillo decided to forgo convent life. Monica returned to her farm and Maria, after packing up her scant belongings, headed off to an uncertain future. Read more

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