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Capturing the Collective Mood of the Times

Alchemist Gift Marcella
Alchemist Gift

Alchemist Gift

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One element of historical writing or for that matter any writing depends on the collective mood of the times and characters. While writing ‘ALCHEMIST GIFT’ I did a lot of research not only in the daily mundane activities during the Renaissance but also the motivations of the people during that era. There are always the staples of the human condition: love, hate, greed, lust, envy, honor, fear and hope (to name a few) that transcend time and are always pushing and pulling us in our emotional lives.


The one shining light in this terrible twilight was the Catholic Church. Click To Tweet
Marcella, Strong and Resilient

Marcella, Strong and Resilient

During the Renaissance, the vast majority of the people were peasants, many were subsistence farmers who didn’t own the land they were tilling. These hapless folks were susceptible to every disease, the whims of the weather, military invasions from the local fiefdoms, pestilence and famine. The one shining light in this terrible twilight was the Catholic Church. The church had a very large say in every aspect of a person’s life. Try to imagine that no matter how miserable your life was, if you obeyed all of the church laws and with the help of the priest, you would go to heaven when you died, and if you did not …an eternity of torment and greater suffering in hell awaited you.

Sofia, Roland's Love and Salvation

Sofia, Roland’s Love and Salvation



When I was developing my characters’ psyches, I tried to incorporate the hopes and fears they would have. For that reason you will see my characters pray, make their confessions, and show their respect toward the clergy and church teachings. I think it would be natural for my characters to prayer and show concern for their immortal souls. They weren’t religious fanatics, only people trying to find balance between the here and now and what the promised afterlife had in store for them.

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Mark Giglio, Author and Artist

Mark Giglio, Author and Artist

Alchemist Gift and Alchemy 03-05-13 Witches to Saints

Alchemist Gift – Witches to Saints

Saint Bianca Alchemist Gift

Saint Bianca Alchemist Gift

Alchemist Gift continued: Father Silva was caught up in a swirl of excited parishioners pushing their way across the square to the Provost office. A bobbing crowd, some in prayer and others wiggling forward and insistent on being the first to see the miracle, already blocked the portico that lead into the court yard of the civic buildings. He heard the word “miracle” enter the different conversations several times.

Father Silva broke free; out of the corner of his eye he saw Monsignor Petri , Sergeant Gagliardi, Vito and Vincenzo Rizzo along with a half a dozen youngsters all standing in a circle looking down. Silva walked briskly toward the men. He felt it proper to have the monsignor with him when he witnessed the miracle.

Petri looked up at Father Silva. “Look Eduardo, there lies the voice of the church,” one of the boys tried to move the bell with his foot. “It seems lightning does strike the same place twice.” he had a twinkle in his eye.

“Our bell, this is awful.” Silva, with a knitted brow, knelt down and placed his hand on the bell; it was still warm. Irritated, he pushed the boy’s foot away from the bell, and then sternly added: “You children go back to your families, now.” Father Eduardo shooed them away with both arms.  The children reluctantly obeyed at first. The oldest, a lad of eleven, clapped his hands and took the lead. The boys laughed and shouted as they held out their arms like wings and zigzagged across the square, running through every puddle they could on their return to their families. Read more

Alchemist Gift and Alchemy 03-02-13 It’s a Miracle.

Alchemist Gift – Renaissance. It’s a Miracle.

wwitch burning Alchemist Gift

witch burning Alchemist Gift

Alchemist Gift continued: The five reprieved witches soberly waited as Marta along with her daughter returned to the Provost’s Office. The room was warm and lit by many candles. Marta carried some simple dresses, clothing donated for the poor, that would be warm and comfortable.  Rosina had heavy woolen socks and opened back slippers for everyone and an arm load of towels and small blankets.

Upon seeing her charges Marta was struck by the irony; they stood quiet and sullen in a semi-circle around the raging hearth. Marta felt ambivalent toward the entire situation. She knew these people. She did business with some of them. She saw them in church and at the market place. As far as she could tell they were faithful wives, good mothers and honest traders.  But they confessed to being witches earlier that day and the Word of the Church is true and sacred and to be obeyed. Marta had to consider her own immortal soul.  For now, they were her concern and she would treat them kindly with warmth and charity. Read more

Alchemist Gift and Alchemy 02-21-13 Sex scene with Lila and Roland

Alchemist Gift

roland's car Alchemist Gift

Roland’s car Alchemist Gift

Alchemist Gift continued: “Holy crap, sorry about that!” A surge of adrenaline caused him to flush and his heart pounded. He looked down at Lila’s legs again and then away. ”Whew.”

“Don’t be sorry, you can look all you like.” Lila smiled and opened the window and gave a throaty chuckle. She had her panties on her finger tips and tossed them out the window. “And just like that, woo-woo.” The breeze came through the window and billowed under her dress. “That cold air feels so yummy down there and on my legs too. I’ve got goose bumps, feel.”  She took Roland’s hand and slowly guided it up and down her thigh.

Roland swallowed hard. “Lila, you know, I’ve got a girlfriend.” Roland allowed Lila to continue to guide his hand. She brought it closer and closer to her crotch and then suddenly tossed his hand into his lap. Read more

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