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Mozart is just hilarious

Music by Dead Guys and Gals interviews Mozart on KKSM Radio

Music by Dead Guys and Gals

Music by Dead Guys and Gals

Mark Giglio is a writer for this program. Mary Ellen Wilson is a writer and will interview Amadeus Mozart Back from the Dead. He will tell you Stories to delight you, Stories that will shock you, Stories you will not believe from the mouths of the maestros themselves…Back from the Dead. You will be surprised by his humor and we’ll play his music too.

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This week meet Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart!



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Short history of Mozart!

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was born on January 27, 1756 and died Dec. 5, 1791. A prolific artist and Austrian composer he created a string of operas, concertos, symphonies and sonatas that profoundly shaped classical music. One other composer of the time who came close to matching Mozart’s genius was Franz Joseph Haydn. The two became great friends, learned much from each other, and together created the models that future composers used to write symphonies and string quartets.

He will share with you

Mozart speaks to you directly:

How he was teased on the playground as a child.
Why he changed his name from Theophilis to Amadeus.
How he was rumored to be a dwarf instead of a child of 9.
The poem he wrote for his pet starling when it died.
What he thought about the soundtrack from the 1984 movie Amadeus.
How he likes scatological humor and his new composition to demonstrate.
What animal costume he would wear if he were a rock star like Elton John.
His joy that “The Magic Flute” helps microbes break down sewage.
Why archbishop of Salzburg’s secretary kicked him in the butt.
and much more.

And we will hear excerpts of his music:

Mozart’s delight at sharing his music with you:

Mozart’s first compositions at age 5 3:41
Symphony No. 1 – Molto Allegro 5:59
String Quartet No. 8 K. 168 in F – II. Andante 5:20
Violin Sonata No. 18 in G, K. 301 13:06
Piano Concerto No. 17- Lang Lang -, Part 01 9:56
Horn Concerto No. 1 4:59
Oboe Concerto in C Major , K.V. 314 , 1st movement 9:25
Eine Kleine Nachtmusik  [HD] – Mozart’s playful genius shines here! 5:49
violin concerto No. 5 in A, 2nd Movement  10:02
La Betulia liberata – Overture 3:49
Don Giovanni, Overture 6:08
The Magic Flute 7:20
Symphony 41. The Jupiter symphony 11:30
Requim 8:54

Don’t miss this rare opportunity to hear from Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

From his own mouth:

You’ll laugh; you’ll cry; you’ll be transported to a world of laughter and beautiful music on KKSM Radio, AM 1320, The Radio Revolution, Oceanside CA, worldwide at

hosted by
Mary Ellen Wilson

Mary Ellen Wilson

M. E. Wilson

Mark Giglio

Mark Giglio, writer

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Composers played by Zeb Navarro.

Societal and Psychological Horror Revealed in Helen

A Horror Story on so many levels – Helen

A very personal statement from the Author, Mark Giglio

Some readers say Helen should be banned. Some say disgusting. Some say child pornography.

Personally, I don’t know how child pornography reads, and I’m sure you don’t either. I do know what emotional abuse feels like though and how it can ruin relationships. That one quote from Marcy’s mother as she is getting ready to leave, ” I don’t know what I ever did to deserve her.” is something my dad said (of course he said, ‘you’) to me when I was about nine or ten. It’s stuck with me.

She (Marcy) uses the word desperate three or four times describing herself.

Marcy is love starved.

As I look back so was I, and with a daily diet of sarcasm and belittlement it was very frustrating to not be able to have any meaningful relationship that was not tainted and eventually spoiled by my upbringing, and not know why. Now I do.  Marcy is a desperate soul. She uses the word desperate three or four times describing herself. Love starved people, especially teens, question their worth. The only thing Marcy can give Helen is herself if she wants to be loved back.

Read and Vote for Helen in the Nevermore Contest

Helen takes advantage of Marcy’s need for love

I find it interesting no one has objected to an impressionable teenager being witness and participating in the embezzlement that Helen laughs off, the dead bodies upstairs, Helen’s part in Anita’s falling down the stairs to her death, the dismemberment of the bodies and sending Marcy’s mom off to Cancun to her certain sad end. Go figure.

This piece is a social statement

I honestly don’t have it in me to write anything glorifying child abuse or using the pain of others for entertainment purposes. An element in the story ‘Helen’ has to do with pedophilia. The mention of this very pervasive problem that has plagued man and womankind since the beginning of time should not illicit an immediate knee jerk reaction, but alas it does. If I write about murder, spousal abuse, bullying, or even erotica (Any 50 Shades of Gray fans out there?), that seems to be just fine.

One in four women and one in six men report having been sexually abused

Over 300 K+ reported cases of child sexual abuse every year

For our common edification, there are over 300 K+ reported cases of child sexual abuse every year (Some analysts believe that is only half of the true number.)  27% of pedophiles are women. Over 40 million adults in this country alone report being sexually abused or raped as children. That’s one in four women and one in six men. Why isn’t this talked about and brought to the fore? Just because a story illustrates the insidious and manipulative powers of Helen, a pedophile, over her niece, the author does not condone the characters behavior, on the contrary.

If you are a silent victim of pedophilia, face it, talk about it, exorcise it and you will find you will be stronger for it


Mark Giglio.

Mark Giglio, Author and Artist

Mark Giglio, Author and Artist








Read and Vote for Helen in the Nevermore Contest

Alchemist Gift Now on Good Reads

Alchemist Gift Needs Beta Readers on Good Reads

Below you will see a review from one of the beta readers for Alchemist Gift. If you would like to be a beta reader at Good Reads and leave a review for Mark please contact Mark or Mary Ellen for a copy of the book. Your opinion counts. Also as supporters please choose your perk at Indiegogo as soon as possible.

Big thanks to Mary Gray Perez for her generosity. We are now at $330 with most of our close family and friends still to weigh in. We went to a training last night on promoting the book and realize we also need to do a book trailer which is like a movie trailer. Weigh in now so we can reach the first goal of $600 this week by Friday. There are still many more goals to reach. Read more

Alchemist Gift and Alchemy 03-26-13 Marcella’s Vision

Alchemist Gift Marcella’s Vision

Amelia Alchemist Gift

Amelia Alchemist Gift

Alchemist Gift continued: Fausto was still the master of his house. He still had influence over his son and daughter-in-law, never letting the embers of doubt completely burn out. Amelia tried to be a good mother and a good wife but her haunting secret lead her away from her motherly and wifely duties down a path to a destination of mild madness that could only be held at bay by an obsessive amount of prayer.  A pot might boil over or Marcella might fuss, and Amelia would hear the fire hiss when the pot boiled over and hear Marcella’s cry when she needed tending to and know these things were happening, but to Amelia they were happening a world away and she was unable to leave that safe and holy place she inhabited when she prayed.

When Amelia was taken to pray Fausto would look at his son and

say things like, “anyone who prays that much must be guilty of something,” or “a good wife does her duty to her master here on earth as well as in heaven.”   Farintino had no argument. For his own sake and peace he overlooked Amelia’s obsessive praying and after a time he convinced Fausto, who didn’t much like his food burned or the sound of a crying baby, to take on a servant.

Farintino, when his doubts about his wife’s fidelity and Marcella’s parentage were in abeyance, cared for Amelia. Farintino remembered when she first came to live in the house how Amelia was always happy and bright and singing.  Such a pretty girl; Farintino felt he was lucky to have such a wife. But since her confinement and the birth of the baby she had changed so much. When he looked at Marcella he could see only how different in appearance she was from him and Amelia. Of course Amelia saw the glaring similarities between Fausto and Marcella immediately and was glad Fausto grew his little goatee to hide that telltale dimple. Read more

Alchemist Gift and Alchemy 03-10-13 Roland experiences magic

Alchemist Gift – Roland Experiences Magic

alchemist cabinet

alchemist cabinet

“I can’t wait.” The woman giggled. “Come on, do you think it’s true what they say about him. Get real, an alchemist in the twenty-first century.”

The couple passed Roland, one on each side. The man answered the woman. “Who cares? All I know is he’s got some really great stuff. We may never run into this kind of collection again.”  Once they passed Roland the man took the woman’s hand and they playfully pulled one another along until they reached the glowing porch. They dashed up the steps and disappeared into the house.

Roland kept up his pace. He thought about Liz and what he had lost and how he had lost it. As he approached the Victorian house a strong, cold gust of wind pushed Roland toward the front porch. He grabbed onto the handrail to keep from falling over. He held on when he received another blast of now rain laden wind and decided to take refuge inside the foyer. He pulled himself up the stairs and entered a medieval and renaissance treasure trove. Read more

Alchemist Gift and Alchemy 03-09-13 Roland is seeing things

Alchemist Gift Roland is seeing things

jezebel alchemist gift

jezebel alchemist gift

Alchemist Gift continued: Cesare left the yard by a side gate. As he crossed the square, he happened upon a carter Giovanni Billini who was leading his donkey and small cart out of an alley.  Cesare hired Giovanni quite often to deliver his pieces.

“Hey Giovanni, here, over here.” called out Cesare.

Giovanni waved to Cesare. “Salve, Cesare. What brings you to town?”

“I have come to collect some wood.”

Giovanni laughed. “You live in a forest my friend.”

“So I do.” Cesare grinned and shook hands with Giovanni.

They first met when Giovanni asked for lodging one night nine or ten years past. Giovanni was just let out of the army. He lost his left eye in a battle with the Turks and was returning home to his little village to the south, very near the Convent of Santa Dorotea. Read more

Alchemist Gift and Alchemy 02-25-13 New Insight into Roland

Alchemist Gift

Some New Insight into Roland’s Character
Black Lexus Alchemist Gift

Black Lexus Alchemist Gift

Alchemist Gift continued: Mark decided that we need to see a little more about Roland to understand him a better and added a segment to reveal his character. This segment is in the story where Roland is sitting at the cafe because he didn’t want to be at home alone. Liz was busy that night. Here’s the new passage:

Roland opened one of the reference books and started to read about alchemy. His need for people usurped his ability to concentrate as a steady stream of diners passed him on their way to eat and drink. He would read a passage or two and find himself looking up from the text when he heard a bit of conversation or the sound of a girl’s voice. He was there long enough to recognize the people who entered eventually leave.

A black Lexus pulled up in front of the restaurant. Roland gave a quick glance and looked down at his book. Read more

Alchemist Gift and Alchemy 02-21-13 Sex scene with Lila and Roland

Alchemist Gift

roland's car Alchemist Gift

Roland’s car Alchemist Gift

Alchemist Gift continued: “Holy crap, sorry about that!” A surge of adrenaline caused him to flush and his heart pounded. He looked down at Lila’s legs again and then away. ”Whew.”

“Don’t be sorry, you can look all you like.” Lila smiled and opened the window and gave a throaty chuckle. She had her panties on her finger tips and tossed them out the window. “And just like that, woo-woo.” The breeze came through the window and billowed under her dress. “That cold air feels so yummy down there and on my legs too. I’ve got goose bumps, feel.”  She took Roland’s hand and slowly guided it up and down her thigh.

Roland swallowed hard. “Lila, you know, I’ve got a girlfriend.” Roland allowed Lila to continue to guide his hand. She brought it closer and closer to her crotch and then suddenly tossed his hand into his lap. Read more

Alchemist Gift and Alchemy 02-21-13 Lila Trouble in San Diego

Alchemist Gift

Coronado Bridge Alchemist Gift

Coronado Bridge Alchemist Gift

Alchemist Gift continued:
Brian turned the corner from the kitchen with a bottle of wine in his hand. “Coming in out of the cold?” he smiled at Lila and Roland.

“Restroom?” asked Lila.

Brian pointed towards the back of the room. “Ladies on the left.”

When Lila was out of earshot Brian continued. “Wow, she’s a classy one. Is she one of Liz’s friends?”

“I rather doubt it. I just met her right now.” Roland was wide eyed and he spoke quickly. “These guys in a big Mercedes were after her. We hid her car in the alley behind the sandwich sign. She drives a Ferrari.”

“Wow, so what’s her deal? Tell me, tell me.” Brian teased. Read more

Alchemist Gold and Alchemy 02-19-13, Roland in San Diego CA

Alchemist Gift

Thanks to our readers for catching misspellings

Alchemist thanks to reader Virgil for catching the misspelling of bass in the last blog. It was written as base, but since it is the bass in music, the spelling is bass. A good pair of eyes is still better than spell check.

outdoor_cafe alchemist giftAlchemist Gift continues in San Diego

Alchemist Gift: He knew she wasn’t ignoring him, it wouldn’t be like her.   Liz was in the habit of shutting her phone off when she did her volunteer work. He checked his impatience. She finally sent a text around six that evening.  She might be able to meet him at The Edelweiss around eight that evening; that is if she wasn’t needed. But even that was a big maybe.

Roland drove back to the granny flat and parked the car under the cramped carport off the alley. It was a little after six. As he sat in the car he looked in his wallet. He had a twenty, three fives and seven one dollar bills. He didn’t really want to be stuck in his hovel and eat a bowl of noodles alone.

“Screw it.” He grabbed his back pack that held a few reference books and his laptop and headed back to The Edelweiss. Read more

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