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See More of the Amazon with Your Imagination

Books can give you a better picture and help you feel a scene with all of you senses and emotions. Sometimes better than a video can. See the video and read the descriptions from “The Patron’s Wife” and compare.


There is still time to explore the Amazon and
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Books vs Videos Traveling up the Amazon River

The wonderful thing about your imagination is that you bring all of your experiences to a scene in a story or novel. Sometimes a written description can spark a different and more focused experience as compared to a video. A video can be very well done and can certainly tell a story. But we are limited to what our eyes can take in and the score to elicit the proper emotion or reaction. With a video we are truly witnesses. With literature we are more participants. I hope I did that in my description of Emilio’s trip down the Rio Oscuro in the Amazon in my latest novel, ‘The Patròn’s Wife”. Many moons ago, I was stationed in the Florida Keys and at Homestead Air Base, that was very near the Everglades. Both places were hot, sticky and buggy. In the summer you could just about set you watch to the time of the daily thunder storm. Those were the experiences I drew from for the opening description.

Compare this Video to Emilio’s Trip
down the Amazon in The Patron’s Wife

“The dull pulse of the boat motor echoed back from the dense wall of tangled greenery that crowded its way to the edge of the river bank. The chirps and clicks from a thousand insects set an unearthly cadence that was palpable.  Mist swirled overhead, opening now and again to let the sun’s rays play off the living pearls of dew that rolled down from leaf to quivering leaf, back into the brown waters of the Rio Oscuro”

Emilio The Patron's Wife

Emilio, traveling in the Amazon
The Patron’s Wife

“My clothing was always damp with sweat. The heat and humidity made the trip unbearable. Even the breeze coming off the water was warm and fetid. The chatter of monkeys was tiresome; the biting insects were bothersome and painful. The occasional shadowy animal, drawn undoubtedly by the sound of the motor, would stalk us, making its way through the undergrowth that grew along the riverbank. The relentless heat, discomfort, and unpredictability reached out like a smothering and heavy hand from the jungle and kept its dank grip on me and the boat.”

Another scene has to do with the protagonist Emilio being driven up from the Rio Oscuro in the Amazon to El Paradiso, the name of the plantation where the greater part of the story takes place.

“The road was rutted and bumpy. Branches and fronds reached out and clawed and scratched at all sides of the Land Rover as if trying to pull us into the undergrowth. There was no view to speak of, only a twinkling tunnel made through the tangle of low brush, large green leaves and overhead, vines and flowering creepers and still higher, the canopies of the great trees.

Amazon Jungle The Patron's Wife

Amazon Jungle
The Patron’s Wife

“We traveled inland for maybe twelve kilometers. I heard birds and the chatter of monkeys but I saw no animals. Leòn came to a jarring stop. A jaguar appeared out of the brush and stopped on the road.  Its golden eyes burned into mine. Leòn looked away from the animal; he even held his hand up to shield his face and gave the big cat a wide berth. I expected him to say something, but he did not. He did not even look at me. We drove off in silence.”

All of those scenes have to do with the Amazon jungle. By reading the words you become part of the story. You become an active participant by reliving your own set of experiences and memories and those of the character. A video can never do that.


The Patron's Wife Mark Giglio, author

The Patron’s Wife
Mark Giglio, author

See more videos and audio of the Amazon at
The Patron’s Wife Book Release Party

Win prizes of books and swag from Mark’s collection and Guest Writers, Marie Lavender and George Knox. See videos and hear audio interviews from Mark and his guests. Aug. 7 from 10am-9pm PacificTime on Facebook. Invite friends and win for inviting the most.




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Mark Giglio, Author and Artist

Mark Giglio, Author and Artist

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The Patron's Wife Mark Giglio, author

The Patron’s Wife
Mark Giglio, author

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Be the first to read “The Patròn’s Wife” a new novel by Mark Giglio.

Mark has finished a novella called “The Patròn’s Wife.” “It is the path of all affairs, selfishness, deception, and possession.” Emilio Aguilar reflects on his latest failed love affair with a married woman. He journeys to El Paradiso, the vast plantation in the Ecuadorian highlands above the Amazon jungle to retreat from civilization, temptation and himself. Then he meets Alma, the Patròn’s wife. Alma is caught in a loveless marriage to Hector, an overbearing older man who wants an heir. With the help of an Indio, Leòn, Alma escapes the pain through her spirit animal, the jaguar. “Its golden eyes burned into mine. Leòn looked away from the animal; he even held his hand up to shield his face and gave the big cat a wide berth.” Can Alma conquer her spirit animal and save her soul? Will Emilio be true to himself? Can Hector control his temper? Or will they be swallowed up by jealousy, the jungle, and madness?

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Mark Giglio, Author and Artist

Mark Giglio, Author


Audiobook Free or $1.99 Alchemist Gift

Great Ways to get the Alchemist Gift Audiobook

First here is a sample of the audiobook. This excerpt is the transcendental experience of Roland and Sophia when they touch the scales on the Alchemist Cabinet from the book Alchemist Gift (getbook.at/AGCTP) written by Mark Giglio, audio by Gary Roelofs, voice.work@icloud.com. Just close your eyes and listen. You will have a great experience.


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I know this doesn’t sound right but it is true. It involves buying the book twice. Yes. If you buy Alchemist Gift as an ebook for $6.99, Audible will allow you to buy the audiobook for $1.99. At least that is what happened to me, Mary Ellen Wilson. The usual cost of the the audibook can be as much as $26.99. So about $9.00 is a great bargain.

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Remember Listen to the Sample Above or on the Amazon page

Listen with your eyes closed to get the most out of the experience. Feel the beauty of the author’s writing. Experience what the characters experience. Fall in love with the characters in Alchemist Gift as many readers have.

Fall in love with the characters in Alchemist Gift https://youtu.be/BFEA7hUo3jE Click To Tweet
Regina Brunton says:

This was a great read. Unlike a lot of books, you really care about all of the characters, the decisions they make, and their ultimate fates. As with real life, there are moments of happiness and misery, love and hatred, humor and tragedies.

Thank you for your interest.
Mark Giglio, Author and Artist

Mark Giglio, Author



$9.3 Million in Kindle Unlimited Fund

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Here’s our letter from Kindle Unlimited. We have received a few very small royalties but we can help each other receive more.
'Robbie's APP' from Triptych Series Vol. 1

‘Robbie’s APP’ from Triptych Series Vol. 1 Read this story

We have continued to see strong response from customers to Kindle Unlimited (KU) and are adding a bonus of $6.3 million to the previously announced base fund amount of $3 million, bringing the total fund to $9.3 million for the month of March.

To further highlight the KDP Select books that are most popular with customers, we will again award “KDP Select All-Stars” for March to the most-read authors and most-read titles in the U.S., U.K. and Germany. We’ll spotlight each All-Star author and title on applicable detail pages. These awards will come with financial bonuses and recipients will be contacted in the next few days. For more information on All-Stars, go here: https://kdp.amazon.com/help?topicId=A2X66QXB12WV2. Anyone with a title in KDP Select—even a debut author with a single title—can qualify if their work becomes a customer favorite.

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'A Glimpse of Eternity' from Triptych Series Vol. 1

‘A Glimpse of Eternity’ from Triptych Series Read this story

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KDP Select All Stars
'Old Nick' from Triptych Series Vol. 1

‘Old Nick’ from Triptych Series Vol. 1 Read this story

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Please Download Triptych Series Vol. 1

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But I’ll bet you like them and want more. Happy Days! Mark is working on the second story for the second volume of the Triptych Series and you will have another book in about a month.

Do you like the Twilight Zone? Ray Bradbury Theater? The Hunger? Each book has one delicious horror story that will make you howl; one beautiful, inspirational fantasy or paranormal story to make you swoon, and one science fiction story to tickle your techy bone and make your skin crawl.

‘Hum-Hor’ is a combination of humor and horror, the macabre, and the unexpected. So get your funny bone tickled and support your favorite artist and writer at the same time, Mark Giglio. We love you! The Triptych Series Vol. 1.

Triptych Series Vol. 1 Hum-hor from the Mind of Mark Giglio

Triptych Series Vol. 1 Hum-hor from the Mind of Mark Giglio

People Don’t Buy Books. They Download.

Triptych Series Vol. 1 Hum-hor from the Mind of Mark Giglio

Triptych Series Vol. 1 Hum-hor Short Stories from the Mind of Mark Giglio.

Download Triptych Series Vol. 1 for FREE with Kindle Unlimited and read one story, only 10 pages. Choose from a romantic ghost story (A Glimpse of Eternity), a humorous horror story (Old Nick) or an OMG science fiction story (Robbie’s APP)

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Love Sex and Romance Under the Covers of Todays Novels

Love, Sex, and Romance
Under the Covers
of Today’s Novels

November 16, 2014

Details: http://bit.ly/1q7HUww

Join Mark Giglio, Paul Hollis, and Jeannie Palmer as they pull back the sheets and read the sexy, steamy and moving passages from their novels, November 16 at 2pm PST. Details at http://bit.ly/1q7HUww for the @bookvoices forum.



Meet the Panel of Authors


Mark Giglio

Mark Giglio

Mark Giglio

Mark Giglio is a writer and artist living in San Diego County, California. His education in creative writing and lifelong interest in history bring him to writing the “Alchemist Gift” book series today. From a long line of artists and craftsmen, he has the vocation of Furniture Maker and is the creator of the award-winning Alchemist Series of Art Furniture. On a suggestion he merged his love of writing, history and art and created the novel “Alchemist Gift”.



Alchemist Gift

Alchemist Gift

About Alchemist Gift – Get Book at Amazon

“Alchemist Gift” is a fantasy written in the magical realism style.

“a style reminiscent of Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s magical realism” – Red City Review

How does indecisive grad student Roland Hughes find himself in bed, cheating on his longtime girlfriend Liz, with a rich bitch, Ferrari driving Lila Thurston who involves him in her $450,000 heist? That’s just the beginning of his woes. He has haunting visions of Renaissance men and women pulling him back to a time of witchcraft, magic, curses and alchemy. Roland pays dearly for his fling with Lila and desperately wishes for another chance. The cosmos hears and delivers him, with the help of the enchanted Alchemist Cabinet to a new life and time. Will he redeem himself or chase the same temptations?

Links for More about Alchemist Gift and Mark Giglio

Amazon: getbook.at/AGAG (buy either a paperback or ebook)
Facebook: www.facebook.com/alchemistgiftbook
Twitter: @alchemistgift or @mdgigliio48
Website: alchemistgift.com
Video Trailer: Alchemist Gift Trailer http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1MSdXKxQU7s

Mark’s Artwork

Alchemist Series Art Furniture
Alchemist Series Paintings Collectibles


Paul Hollis

Paul Hollis

Paul Hollis
Paul Hollis grew up during a time when the notion of a shrinking world was still in its infancy. People lived in rural communities or in city neighborhoods, rarely venturing far beyond the bordered rim of their lives. But as a kid, Paul tumbled off the edge of the yard reaching for greener grass. Having lived in twelve states and eventually working in all fifty, he fell in love early with seeing the world on someone else’s money. Since then, he has lived abroad nine years while working in forty-eight countries, spanning five continents. These experiences helped inspire the novels in The Hollow Man series. From traveling through Europe as a young man, to flying nearly three million miles which took him nowhere near home, to teaching companies worldwide about coming global implications, as a world tourist Paul Hollis brings his own unique viewpoint to his mesmerizing thrillers.Paul has a dual BA in English literature and psychology from the University of Illinois. In addition to having worked for IBM and others in worldwide physical and video security, he is an active member of International Thriller Writers and the St. Louis Writers Guild, as well as an international conference speaker.


Hollow Man

Hollow Man

About The Hollow Man – Get Book at Amazon

A terrorist’s plot, the assassination of a prime minister, holds the key to an apocalyptic plot to destroy Europe’s economy. It’s impossible to stop, but one man doesn’t know enough to think the world can’t be saved. He’s no hero; not clever or capable, talented or tested. The Hollow Man is just trying to survive in an uncertain climate where terrorism is changing the rules of how we live.

The Hollow Man is a field analyst assigned to learn the new tactics of terror while trying to keep disaster from U.S. borders. If he fails and lets that happen, he lets down a world of people who didn’t even know he exists. Confronting his own demons along with soldiers of this new world, he is young, untrained and ill-prepared for what he finds.

Based on true events, a young man running from Vietnam finds himself in another kind of war. A new war of terror is spreading across Europe. As a naive field analyst for a U.S. government agency, he is assigned to babysit the unpopular Prime Minister of Spain, Luis Carrero Blanco. It’s easy duty for a young unskilled analyst. But the quick assassination of Blanco by the ruthless terrorist, Chaban, sets off a chase across Spain and France to stop him before he can complete his plan to destroy the economy of Europe.


Links for The Hollow Man

Amazon: getbook.at/HMPH (paperback and ebook)
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheHollowManSeries
Twitter: @HollowManSeries

Website: TheHollowManSeries.com

Book Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s8PIxPlaAPw


Jeannie Palmer

Jeannie Palmer

Jeannie Palmer

Jeannie Palmer was born in Chico, California and grew up outside Sacramento, California. An expert ezine author and freelancer, her childrens title, Shattered, received the AIA Gold Seal of Excellence and became an Amazon Best Selling Book within the first week of release.

Ms. Palmer is an expert ezine author, has a full length historical novel and is completing an fiction comedy romance, Life in a Nutshell, to be released in 2014.

When Ms. Palmer is not riding horses, chasing chickens or herding cats, she is passionately writing, blogging or freelancing. She’s the mother of two sons, an adventurer in life and spirituality, and a torch bearer for stray animals.


Life in a Nutshell

Life in a Nutshell


About Life in a Nutshell – Get Book At Amazon

Look out world, here comes Riley Jones. She’s somewhere she didn’t expect to be. Back out on her own. And now, she’s divorced, dating and potentially dangerous!

Links for Life in a Nutshell

Twitter: @Mybliss1
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jeannie.palmer.18
Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Life-Nutshell-Riley-Jones-Novel-ebook/dp/B00N2VR0DY

Book Trailer: http://bit.ly/10Conru


Love, Sex, and Romance
Under the Covers
of Today’s Novels

November 16, 2014

Details at: http://bit.ly/1q7HUww






Renaissance Breakout Party Alchemist Gift

Renaissance Breakout Party Alchemist Gift

the paperback is out

and You are Invited

Oct. 19, 2014 1pm

2529 Daily Dr., Fallbrook, CA 92028

email: wem2529@yahoo.com for directions


Follow the Festivities

on Facebook and Twitter

Alchemist Gift online eBook Cover

Alchemist Gift online eBook Cover

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